Rabbi Mayer Twersky and other Masmidim Honors Program faculty members, including Rabbi Yaakov Werblowsky, Rabbi Ari Zahtz and Rabbi Michoel Zylberman, mentor students. Together, they help the young men work to achieve their full potential in learning.

The Masmidim Honors Program incorporates a number of responsibilities beyond the regular Mazer/Yeshiva Program curriculum. This fosters the shleimus we seek for our talmidim:

  • Bekius expectation of a minimum of sixty blatt of gemara per year with Rashi and Tosafos (beyond what is covered in their Iyun shiur, and when possible within the Yeshiva's mesechta) with bechinos
  • Written sikumim (in Hebrew) of some sugyos assigned from shiur [lecture] or bekius
  • Weekly tests on the Parsha, Rashi and Onkolos
  • Weekly hashkafa chaburah given by Rabbi Twersky
  • Coordinated mussar seder

Expectations increase over the course of the program. The Chumash requirement, for example, expands to include the study of selected passages of Ramban in the second year.