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Library Information for Faculty

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Assembled here are selected items that may assist you in using the Library's services to the best advantage.

Off-campus access to the library's electronic resources (databases, books, journals, etc.)

Place materials on Reserve for your courses: See Reserve Guide for Faculty

Photocopy and print in the Library: As a member of our faculty you already have an account with a free balance. For details about how this works see Copying, Printing, Scanning.

Schedule a Library Class: Librarians offer classes that teach students research techniques; how to identify, locate and evaluate sources and do course-related research. Classes are designed in consultation with faculty members and are generally most effective when tied to specific assignments. To request a Library class please complete this brief form or contact a librarian on your Campus.

Suggest a library purchase: The Library welcomes your suggestions for additions to our collections. We value your expertise and will follow through whenever feasible. Please send your recommendations via email:

Hedi Steinberg Library (Beren) - Edith Lubetski,

Mendel Gottesman Library of Hebraica/Judaica - Leah Adler,

Pollack Library - John Moryl,

Use citation tools provided by the Library: The Library subscribes to several citation programs for your use.