Summer Session Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions:

Registration and Transfer:

Online Courses:

General Questions

Who is eligible to take summer classes?

Summer classes are open to current YU students, students visiting from other colleges and universities, as well as current high school juniors (graduating in 2020) and seniors (graduating this spring).

Visiting College and High School Students: You will need to complete a brief application form prior to registering for summer classes. The application will be available on April 1, 2019. Please refer to the Register & Apply page for details.

I am an international student. May I take summer classes?

In general, international students currently studying in the U.S. with a valid I-20 (and intending to continue studying in the fall) may enroll in classes during the summer. Students with an I-20 from a school other than Yeshiva University should check with their international student office to see if there are any special requirements.

Yeshiva University does not require any specific visa type to enroll in summer classes. However, international students may not begin taking classes inside the U.S. as a tourist (B-2/ESTA) if the credits will be applied toward a future degree. Students planning to start school inside the U.S. in fall are strongly encouraged to speak with their international student advisor before registering for summer classes.

Yeshiva University does not provide I-20s or support F-1 student status for summer study only. If you have immigration questions about enrolling in summer classes please contact the Office of International Students and Scholars.

What is the maximum number of credits I can take per summer session?
  • YU Students: You may register for a maximum of 7 credits per summer session and 10 credits total for the entire summer. Please see Workload Guidelines for more information.
  • Stern Students: Please refer to SCW's online course policy and consult your advisor regarding summer course policies prior to registering for summer classes.
  • Sy Syms School of Business and Yeshiva College Students: Please consult your advisor regarding summer and online course policies prior to registering for summer classes.
  • Visiting High School Students: You make take up to 1 course per summer session and a maximum of 2 courses total over both sessions.
  • Visiting College Students: Please check with your home institution for any policies regarding transfer credits and summer courses.
What is the summer tuition?

Please refer to Tuition & Fees for this information.

Are scholarships available for summer classes?

The per credit tuition for summer classes is more than 50% less than fall and spring per credit tuition. For that reason, we do not offer scholarships for the summer session. If you have questions or would like to discuss financial issues further, please contact the Office of Student Finance.

Are graduate courses offered in the summer?

Yes, many of Yeshiva University's graduate schools offer summer courses. Please refer to the individual schools for more information:

Registration & Transfer

How can I register for summer classes?

Please refer to the Register & Apply page for registration information.

The class I'd like to register for is full. Is there a waitlist?

Yes. To be added to the waitlist, please email us at and let us know which class you'd like to register for.

Can I take a summer class if I'm missing a prerequisite?
  • YU Students: Please contact the department chair with questions related to prerequisites.
  • Visiting Students: Please contact with questions related to prerequisites.
Is there a P/N (pass/no-credit) option for summer classes? 
  • Sy Syms School of Business: No. P/N courses do not count toward any SSSB requirements.
  • Yeshiva College: No. P/N courses do not count toward any YC requirements.
  • Stern College: Students may select up to one course to be graded Pass or No-credit (P/N) during the full summer session (e.g., one course total across both Session I and Session II) under these conditions. Please note: The decision to take a course as P/N must be made in consultation with and with approval from your Academic Advisor and/or Dean. 
  • Visiting Students: Please contact the YU Summer Session Director at to discuss this option.
Do summer courses count toward YU's residency (on-campus credit) requirement?

Yes, summer courses count toward residency credits for current Yeshiva University college students.

Can I take the final exam before the scheduled exam date/end date of the course? 

Faculty may not administer a final exam prior to the original date on which the exam has been scheduled. If you need to request a make-up final exam for any reason, you must contact your instructor with this request prior to the original date of the exam. If you miss a final exam due to a medical issue or other extenuating circumstance, please contact your instructor and provide relevant documentation regarding the issue. Decisions to offer make-up exams will be made by the faculty member in consultation with the Summer Session Director. If a make-up exam is allowed, it will be scheduled after the original date of the final exam.

Please note: Although the make-up exam or other outstanding work should be completed earlier, any incomplete work from a summer class (such as an exam, paper, etc.) must be completed towards the beginning of the Fall term – as indicated on the academic calendar:

How do I transfer my YU credits to my own university?

Please check with your university's registrar regarding your school's transfer policies. Typically, this will require requesting an official transcript from Yeshiva University upon completion of your summer course. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in obtaining your official YU transcript as well as any other documentation your school may require.

Online Courses

What should I expect from an online course?

Our online courses are asynchronous, which means that you do not need to come to campus or be online at specific times. However, all classes will have a set ending date, as well as deadlines along the way that you will need to meet. Faculty may also require that you take exams within a limited window of time (e.g., on a specific day or within a 24 hour window). They will announce exam dates/times in advance and you will need to be available during those times.

Online courses require the same amount of time and effort as face-to-face courses. While each course has its own requirements and each faculty member has his or her own approach, you should generally plan to spend approximately eight - twelve hours each week in the course site, in addition to time spent studying and completing assignments. You will be expected to login to your course site regularly and to actively participate in required discussions and other activities using proper netiquette. You will also be expected to be proactive in reaching out to your instructor as needed.

Are there any technical requirements for online courses?

Online courses will be taught in Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Students will have access to Canvas resources through their Canvas course sites as well as ongoing technical support from Canvas for the duration of the summer session.

Most online courses simply require you to have regular access to a computer with a fast internet connection and the ability to download Word and PDF files. Please make sure that you have installed Adobe Acrobat on your computer.

Some online courses take advantage of online exam proctoring software through ProctorU. Students taking courses with online proctored exams must meet the minimum technical requirements of the ProctorU service. Details are available here: We encourage all students considering a course with proctored exams to test their computer's functionality with ProctorU's automated compatibility verification tool: 

Do online courses show up differently on my transcript?

There is no distinction made between online and in-person courses on your transcript. Online courses appear on your transcript as any other course.

Will online courses help fulfill requirements for my major?

Yes, online courses may fulfill major, core/general education, or elective requirements. The format of the course (online or in-person) does not typically impact whether or not it will count towards your major or any other requirement. However, please note that your school may have policies regarding the total number of online courses that you may apply towards your major and/or towards your degree. Please consult your department chair, advisor, and/or registrar regarding such policies prior to registering for classes.

Is there a limit to the number of online courses I can take?
  • Stern Students: Please refer to SCW's online course policy and consult your advisor regarding summer course policies prior to registering for summer classes.
  • Syms and Yeshiva College Students: Please consult your advisor regarding summer and online course policies prior to registering for summer classes.
  • Visiting College Students: Please consult the Registrar or an advisor at your college regarding your school's online course policies prior to registering for classes.