AS in Management Curriculum

The Associate of Science in Management offers students the best of Yeshiva University—a rigorous Jewish and business education combined with our distinctive on-campus experience. Faculty at Yeshiva University’s Katz School have designed a 60-credit program that integrates traditional business disciplines such as management, accounting and human resources with emerging fields, including data science and information systems. The imaginative College Experience courses will employ a project-based curriculum, where students will learn by doing. Ideas will be brought to life, using New York City as a classroom. The AS in Management is a full-time, residential program.

Upon successful graduation, students will have a choice of pathways. If they wish to continue their education, and have proven themselves academically, students can apply for admissions to bachelor’s programs at YU and elsewhere. Students who graduate from the AS in Management with a GPA of 3.0 or higher will have the opportunity to enroll in the BS in Business Management at the Sy Syms School of Business. Students who wish to pursue professional opportunities will be well equipped to join the business world.

Course Requirements

The following courses are required for the AS in Management degree:

Communication (3 courses / 9 credits)

  • FYWR 1020 First Year Writing (3 cr)
  • FYSM 1012 Business Communication (3 cr)
  • SPEE 1010 Speech Communication (3 cr)

Quantitative Reasoning (4 courses / 12 credits)

  • IDS 1001 Business Algebra (3 cr)
  • IDS 1131 Statistics for Business (3 cr)
  • IDS 1020 Introduction to Information Systems (3 cr)
  • IDS 1540 Introduction to Data Science (3 cr)

Economics (2 courses / 6 credits)

  • ECO 1031 Microeconomics (3 cr) 
  • ECO 1041 Macroeconomics (3 cr)

Management (5 courses / 15 credits)

  • MAN 1030 Intro to Business (3 cr) 
  • MAN 1020 Managing in a Global Environment (3 cr)
  • MAN 2110 Organization Behavior (3 cr)
  • MAN 2370 Human Resources (3 cr)
  • BUS 2021 Ethical & Legal Environments of Business (3 cr)

Accounting (2 courses / 6 credits)

  • ACC 1003 Foundations of Financial Accounting I (3 cr)
  • ACC 1004 Foundations of Financial Accounting II (3 cr) 

College Experience and Leadership Seminar (4 courses / 4 credits)

  • INDS 1210 College Experience: The City’s Impact on the Global Stage (1 cr)
  • INDS 1160 College Experience: Work as A Place for Ideation, Incubation and Innovation (1 cr)
  • INDS 2170 College Experience: Cultural, Artistic, and Intellectual Traditions (1 cr)
  • INDS 2660 College Experience: Your Story: Praxis and Reflection (1 cr)

Jewish Studies (4 semesters / credits vary)
Each fall and spring semester, AS students participate in the University’s undergraduate Jewish Studies programs.
AS students on the Wilf Campus enroll in the Undergraduate Torah Studies program at Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological
Seminary (RIETS). AS students on the Beren Campus enroll in the Jewish Studies program through the Rebecca Ivry
Department of Jewish Studies at Stern College for Women. Within their Jewish Studies programs, all AS students must

  • 2 semesters of Hebrew language (or equivalent exemption) (6 cr)
  • JVCW 1001 Jewish Engagements (or approved equivalent) (2 cr)

College Experience and Leadership Seminar

New York City Skyline

Through a project-based curriculum, students will gain a deep understanding of the central role New York City plays in global commerce, international policy, technology innovations and current events. Each one-credit course is focused on a distinct theme:

  1. The City’s Impact on the Global Stage
  2. Work as A Place for Innovation and Incubation
  3. New York’s Cultural, Artistic and Intellectual Traditions
  4. Your Story: Praxis and Reflection

As part of each College Experience course, student participate in a unique leadership seminar taught by the AS program adviser. The seminar gives meaning to students’ educational experience through the integration of classroom work, leadership & management principles, and extracurricular and interpersonal activities. The seminar is designed to be interactive, offering students insight into their personal leadership challenges and strengths. Students gain a clear and articulate vision of their leadership abilities, learn practical ideas for achieving excellence, and identify tools for inspiring others to do the same. 

Jewish Studies

The Jewish studies requirements for the AS in Management mirror those for all undergraduate programs at Yeshiva University, and AS in Management students take part in Jewish studies classes with students from Yeshiva College, Stern College for Women and Sy Syms School of Business.