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Admissions and Financial Aid

Candidates for the M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies must have completed a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university, with an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in science. In addition, candidates must have completed all prerequisite coursework, listed below, with a minimum GPA of 3.0, no more than 10 years from the time of application. Candidates must also demonstrate the technical standards indicated below. 

The inaugural class of Yeshiva University's PA program begins in fall 2021. Applicants interested in a fall 2021 start date must apply through Katz School admissions. The PA program application for fall 2021 is available here:

Applicants interested in beginning the PA program in fall 2022 and thereafter must apply through CASPA. A CASPA application must be complete and verified in order to be evaluated by the PA program's admissions committee. The link to the CASPA application will be available in May 2021:

Application requirements include: 
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended 
  • Three (3) professional and/or academic references 
  • Personal statement  
  • CV/Resume
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores (for candidates whose bachelor's degrees were earned at a non-English-speaking institution) 
    • Minimum TOEFL score on tests taken within the last two years: 100 (internet-based test) 
    • Minimum IELTS score on tests taken within the last two years: 7 

Admission to the PA program is very competitive. Only the most competitive applicants will be invited for an interview with the PA program's admissions committee. A successful interview is required for admission to the PA program. 

For admissions-related questions, contact: 

Jared Hakimi
Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions 
Office: 646-592-4722 
Cell: 646-899-1811 


  • Two semesters of general chemistry with labs (or 2 higher-level chemistry courses with lab)
  • Two semesters of general biology with lab (or 2 higher-level biology courses with lab)
  • One semester of statistics (or biostatistics)
  • One semester of microbiology
  • One semester of human anatomy with a lab
  • One semester of human physiology (at least 3 credits)

Candidates for admissions to YU’s PA program must generally meet the following technical standards:  

  1. Observation – The ability to observe is required for demonstrations, visual presentations in lectures and laboratories, laboratory evidence and microbiological cultures, microscopic studies of microorganisms and tissues in normal and pathological states. A candidate must be able to observe patients accurately and completely, both closely and from a distance. Observation requires functional vision and somatic sensation and is enhanced by a sense of smell.  

  1. Communication  A candidate should be able to speak, hear and observe patients in order to elicit information, perceive non-verbal communications, and describe changes in mood, activity and posture. The candidate must be able to communicate effectively and sensitively with patients, including through speech, reading and writing. Communication in oral and written form with the health care team must be effective and efficient. 

  1. Motor  A candidate should have sufficient motor function to elicit information from patients by palpation, auscultation and percussion, as well as carry out diagnostic maneuvers. A candidate should have motor function sufficient to execute movements reasonably required to provide general care and emergency treatment to patients. Such skills require coordination of gross and fine muscular movements, equilibrium and sensation. 

  1. Intellectual-Conceptual, Integrative and Quantitative Abilities – Problem-solving is a critical skill demanded of physician assistants; this skill requires all these abilities. The candidate must also be able to comprehend three-dimensional relationships, as well as the spatial relationship of structures.  

  1. Behavioral and Social Attributes  A candidate must have sufficient emotional health to fully use his or her intellectual ability, to exercise good judgment, complete all responsibilities and attend to the diagnosis and care of patients.  

    A candidate must be able to develop mature, sensitive and effective relationships with patients and colleagues. A candidate must be able to tolerate physical and emotional stress and continue to function effectively. A candidate must possess qualities of adaptability, flexibility and be able to function in the face of uncertainty; must have a high level of compassion for others, motivation to serve, integrity and a consciousness of social values; and must possess sufficient interpersonal skills to interact positively with people from all levels of society, all ethnic backgrounds and all belief systems. 

Selection of students for admission to the PA program is rolling and is done in two steps.

  1. The first step is the review of completed applications by the Admissions Committee. Applicants must meet or exceed admission requirements to be considered for admission. Applications are screened for GPA, personal statement, recommendations, extracurricular activities/leadership experiences, service/volunteerism, and personal fortitude. Applicants that are found to be most competitive compared against the applicant pool are invited for an interview.
  2. The second step is the interview. Interviews are a prerequisite to admission. During the interview, the applicant’s communication skills, interpersonal skills, maturity, fortitude, integrity, service orientation, and knowledge about the PA profession are evaluated by the Admissions Committee. 

Admission to the PA program is very competitive and is based on an applicant's academic achievement and individual character traits as demonstrated on the application and during the interview. The program gives preference to applicants who are dedicated to community service, held leadership roles, participated in extracurricular activities, demonstrated maturity and personal fortitude, are knowledgeable about the PA profession, have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, have outstanding references, and have earned high GPAs. Applicants who are found to be most competitive compared against the applicant pool are given preference for admission. 

Offers of interviews and admission into the PA program are made on a rolling basis. Applicants offered an interview and admission to the PA program will receive notification via email.

Transfer credit and advanced standing/placement are not accepted. All students must complete all of the didactic and clinical elements of the PA program. 

The Office of Student Finance maintains current tuition and fees and refund policies and procedures for all graduate programs:

All applicants are automatically considered for scholarships. You do not need to submit any additional information. Awards are determined during the application review process. 

Please schedule an appointment with an admissions director if you have questions about financial aid opportunities and financing your graduate degree. We can do a preliminary transcript review and discuss your admissions and financing options with the Katz School.