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MS in Quantitative Economics

MS in Quantitative Economics

Yeshiva University’s MS in Quantitative Economics (MQE) degree is a 12-month STEM program in which you will master micro, macro, and financial economics. In addition, you will be trained in statistical and computational aspects of economics, with applications to fields such as macro-labor economics, public finance, monetary policy, financial economics and market design.

The Quantitative Edge

The master’s in Quantitative Economics is “quantitative” – and unique – for the following reasons:

  • It leads to model-based quantitative analyses via simulation, computation, and estimation of models.
  • It emphasizes a broader scope than many applied economics programs.
  • It focuses on the mechanisms behind economic and social institutions, in addition to institutional, geographic, and historical details.

The master’s in Quantitative Economics is ideal for students with backgrounds in economics, mathematics, engineering, science, and related fields. The program features project-based coursework and small class sizes, enabling deep interaction with research-active faculty. Classes are held in midtown Manhattan, giving you easy access to professional networking opportunities in some of the city’s most prominent businesses, government organizations, and NGOs. In addition, because the MQE is a recognized STEM degree, international students will be eligible for extended Optional Practical Training (OPT) to work in the United States for a fixed period of time after graduation. This is the ideal way to apply what you learn in the quantitative economics program to the professional context.

Upon graduation, you will be prepared for a range of analytical and research-based careers, including jobs such as Economist and Econometrician, Financial Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, Compliance Manager, and more. In addition, for students who are interested in doctoral study, we can help you succeed in the global competition for PhD admissions. Our graduates have enrolled in PhD programs at the University of Rochester, the Toulouse School of Economics, and other prestigious universities.

Optional Semester Abroad with Paris 1 University Pantheon-Sarbonne

The MQE has partnered with the Paris 1 University Pantheon-Sorbonne to give selected MQE students the opportunity to spend one semester in Paris, France, taking advanced courses in quantitative economics. In particular, MQE students will have access to the MSc in Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics 'Erasmus Mundus' (QEM). This program is run in partnership with other European universities, including Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), IMW - Institute of Mathematical Economics of Universität Bielefeld (Germany) and Università Ca' Foscari Venezia (Italy), and attracts each year about 50 students from all over the world.

“Where econ matters, math matters.”

– Dr. Alessandro Citanna, Director, MS in Quantitative Economics