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This website includes resources to support Banner and related computer systems used at Yeshiva University. These resources include documentation, training, a user community, FAQs and contact information for any requests or help you may need. 

The banner training program listed below is provided for Banner users throughout the University community who need to learn the skills necessary to use the administrative computer system. Andrew Flatgard is the facilitator for most classes. Participants are reminded to arrive on time for classes - if you arrive more than 15 minutes past the start time, you will not be allowed to attend. 

Other talent development opportunities that are available to the Yeshiva University community can be found on the Human Resources Talent Development website. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us to submit a request for additional assistance.

Banner Course Schedule

Class Schedule October 2014

Banner General at Yeshiva University

This is a pre-requisite for Banner Management Functions and it is recommended that employees take this class before taking the specific human resources or finance courses. During this session participants learn basic navigational skills and will acquire a knowledge base on which all other Banner training sessions build. Participants will learn how to access and complete Banner Self Service functions for all Yeshiva University employees, including viewing and updating personal and job-related information.

Audience: New hires and new Banner users. Registration to begin soon.

Banner Management Functions at Yeshiva University

It is recommended that employees take this class before taking the specific human resources or finance courses. During this session participants will learn how to access and complete Banner Human Resources and Finance related Self Service functions, including entering Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs) and updating Financial information.

Audience: New hires and new Banner users who have responsibility for managing employees and/or finances. Registration to begin soon.

Banner Finance Workshop

This program will demonstrate how to navigate through Banner to access financial information; and how to manage a budget, download data and peruse detailed transactions at the click of a button.   

Audience: any individual who will transact business (i.e., process requisitions and/or purchase orders, prepare travel reimbursements, etc.) and be responsible for budgets, operating or sponsored research. 

Banner Human Resources Workshop

It is recommended that you view the “Banner Human Resources: Employment Life Cycle: Introduction to EPAF and iCIMS” and “EPAF and iCIMS Training” online tutorials before attending this program. This hands-on workshop will allow you to walk through actual Human Resources activities (e.g., create an EPAF or a requisition) and ask specific questions with the guidance of Human Resources subject matter experts.

Audience: The session is intended for departmental managers and departmental administrators who oversee and approve Job Requisition and Employment Status Requests. Registration to begin soon.

Banner Grants Workshop Suite

Audience: if you currently administer or assist in administering a Sponsored Program (Grant or Contract).

Banner Procurement (MaccaBuy) Suite

MaccaBuy (SciQuest) hands-on training is broken out into the sessions listed below. Each session is only 1.5 hours and includes instruction and a Q&A period.

  • Approver Training - explains how to electronically review/edit and approve purchase requisitions within the delegated purchasing authority.
  • Requestor Training - explains how to initiate the electronic purchase of goods and services by shopping and creating a “cart.” 
  • Shopper Training - walks through the Shopper roles.

Audience: if you have questions about which training is appropriate for your role, contact Anita Butta at

Registration Information

You should review proposed participation in a program with your supervisor prior to submitting a registration form.

Use the registration links in the course descriptions above and/or course schedule to access the registration forms. Once you complete the registration form and click the Submit button, your request will be processed. Please be advised that your attendance in a program is not guaranteed until you receive confirmation from the Human Resources Department.