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Resnet Connection Instructions (For Einstein)


1.       Using the provided Ethernet cable, connect your computer directly to the green port of an available ALNET wall mounted outlet. *** If you plan on using a router, first register each computer without the router in place.  Click here for recommended wireless routers for use in Eastchester Housing.***

2.       Power on your computer, let the Operating System load, and then wait a few moments.

3.       Open up a web browser and begin browsing.

4.       You will be directed to the Resnet login page. Enter in your Yeshiva University Active Directory User Name and Password. Click Submit.

a.       (Click here to find your YUAD username and password)

5.       Once authenticated, you will be directed to the Policy Key download page. Here you can read the full user policy, FAQ, and download and install the Policy Key.

6.       When ready click “Yes, I will install the SafeConnect Policy key...” 

7.       Follow the on screen instructions to install the policy key. If you are asked to download the Policy Key repeatedly you may have a firewall program that is blocking SCClient.exe and scManager.sys. You’ll have to access your firewall program and tell it to allow these processes internet access.

8.       If your computer meets the requirements you should now have internet access. If your computer doesn’t meet the requirements you will be provided instructions on how to bring your computer into complete compliance.