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Printing at The Cardozo School of Law

The law library has photocopiers on all floors for self-service copying. Journals and faculty Research Assistants can copy or print in the Law Library using the appropriate account. Journals, official student groups, and faculty Research Assistants can have copies made of related materials in the Law School's Production Department, which is located on the sixth floor by the 12th Street elevators. Students must complete a form with their organization's charge number. (If you are unsure of the charge number, please contact Stacy Lansey, Assistant Director for Finance and Administration, in the Office of Business Affairs at extension 316.)
The Production Department's supervisor is Josh Vigo; he can be reached at extension 255. In the event that the Production Department cannot meet your needs, you need to contact the Office of Business Affairs and they will provide you with an authorization card to go to a designated outside vendor. Three commercial copy centers are located nearby: FedEx Kinkos is at 21 Astor Place; The Village Copier is at 20 East 13th Street; and East Side Copy is at 15 East 13th Street. However, please note that for: a) a student organization funded by the University (not SBA, primarily journals), and/or b) reimbursement by the University for copying fees related to a University event, you must first go to the Production Department. If this procedure is not followed, then you will not be reimbursed. Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Stacy Lansey in the Office of Business Affairs at extension 316.
The Law Library offers networked printing. The photocopiers, located on each library floor, serve as printers. An account is required for all printing. The Law Library also has a color scanner located on the 7th floor.