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Password Management


On the Wilf and Beren campuses, all Academic Computing lab and library computers require a login to use.  You will need your Yeshiva University Active Directory (YUAD) username and initial password to log in. 

You can use these computers to change your YUAD password.  This new password that you choose will then apply to other YU systems such as YUWireless, OCS Printing and Angel (But not YU Gmail!).  Make sure that your new password is strong with at least 8 alpha numeric characters (and a symbol or two would not hurt).

You can find your YUAD username and initial password by clicking here. 

How to log in and change your password.

1.       Find a lab computer and press ctrl + alt + delete,

2.       Agree to the policy statement that Windows presents by pressing enter.

3.       Enter your YUAD username and password

4.       When your fully logged on press ctrl + alt + delete again. 

5.       Select change password.

6.       Enter your current password followed by your new password twice.

7.       Press enter to confirm your changes.