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Academic Computing -- Computer Labs

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Lab Rules

These facilities are used by students and faculty for classes, as well as for academic activities outside of class periods. The following rules are enforced to ensure these educational purposes and to provide students with functional equipment.

• No food or drink allowed inside labs;
• No litter;
• No game-playing;
• No disruptive behavior;
• No hacking;
• No use of cell phones is permitted in the computer labs;
• No unauthorized installation of software;
• No unauthorized installation of hardware;
• No excessive printing;
• No display or printing of objectionable materials;
• No physical abuse of equipment or furniture;
• No violation of Yeshiva University Computing Policies;
• Students must show a valid YU student ID card upon request.

Violators may be reported to the Office of the Dean of Student Services, to Security, and to the Office of the Dean (of the college) for possible disciplinary and/or legal action.