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Your Roaming Profile, Home directory, and Faculty drive


Roaming Profile

Students and faculty on the Wilf and Beren campuses have roaming profiles associated with their computing accounts.  When using a Windows based Academic Computing work station your application settings are saved when you log off.  The next Windows computer you log on will load the settings that you had used during the previous session.

The Home Directory

Students and faculty on the Wilf and Beren campuses each receive a home directory of 200 MB of disk space on the YU Academic Computing file servers.  It is available to you when you log into an Academic Computing work station.  You can use this storage space to save your course work for the semester.  You should save your files here and only here so it will be easy for you to retrieve them as you travel between different computers on campus.

On an Academic Computing Windows computer your home directory is available after you log in, under Start > Computer.  Its name is, username$(bh-ac-001)(Z:)

On an Academic Computing Mac your home directory is located in the Finder under the Go Menu > Home.

The Faculty Drive

There is an additional drive called the Faculty dirve.  Students have read only access to this directory that is used by faculty to store course files that they would like to share with their students.  You can find this on the desktop of any Academic Computing workstation.


Directions: How to Connect to Your Home Directory or Faculty Drive on Your Notebook Computer:  


  1. Go to Start > Right Click over Computer > Map Network Drive
  2. Select Drive Letter Z:
  3. Under Folder: enter the directory location
    1. For your home directory: \bh-ac-001\username$
    2. For the faculty drive: \bh-ac-001\faculty
  4. Click Finish.
  5. You will be asked to enter your YUAD username and password (be sure to type yuad\ before your username).


  1. Go to Finder > Go > Connect to Server ( or command+K)
  2. Under Server Address:
    1. For your home directory: smb://bh-ac-001/username$
    2. For the faculty drive: smb://bh-ac-001/faculty
  3. Click Connect.
  4. You will be asked to enter your YUAD username and password.