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Computing Tips

While you are using the computers on campus you should be aware of a few tips to keep your data secure.

Using U3 Thumb Drives on Academic Computing Personal Computers
Using Hebrew Fonts on Academic Computing Personal Computers

• Never share your passwords with anyone. Your account is your responsibility. ITS personnel will never ask you for your password, but if someone does, don’t reply. There are many phishing scams around that will claim to be an official ITS representative and they will use your account for malice if they get your username and password.
• Never let someone else use your account. If they abuse it you can be held responsible.
• Choose a secure password. The more letters numbers and symbols that you have in your password, the more difficult it is for someone to break into your account. Microsoft has a password checker where you can measure the strength of your passwords.
• Remember that entering the wrong username or password into an Academic computing computer more than three times will lock your account.
• The Computer lab and library PCs on the Wilf and Beren campuses will log you off after 10 minutes of idle time.
• Always save your files regularly to your Z: drive. If you open a file from your email account, be sure that the first thing you do is select File > Save As, and save the file to your Z: drive. Do this before you start working on your file. This is very important, because the email attachment is only temporary until you save it using Save As. Don’t just use Save, use Save As.
• Take advantage of you YU Gmail accounts. You get 5 GB of space to save your documents on Google Docs. It’s secure and in Google’s cloud.
• While at YU, please stay away from Bit Torrent software. Downloading excessive or copyrighted files can result in your account being suspended.