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Multimedia Support - Support Details

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Support Details
• Support media equipment in multimedia enhanced rooms: this includes regular diagnostic checks and maintenance routines when the rooms are not in use.
• If there is an emergency situation, faculty should call the Multimedia Hotline for each campus: Wilf (917) 670-1311; Beren(917) 670-1312, Cardozo (212) 790-0220.
• Instruct faculty in operation of multimedia consoles and carts.  Training can be arranged by contacting Academic Computing at its regular numbers. Should the demand be substantial, training sessions will be scheduled.
• Set up cordless microphones in classrooms with receivers installed (BH 218, BH 430; 215 Lexington Ave. 208, 312 and 12th floor; 245 Lexington Ave. 101, 102, Koch)

Additional support related to Beren multimedia usage:
• Assistance for multimedia events in the Cultural Center.
• Assistance for multimedia events in the Bistro.
• Support Video-conference in 245 Lexington Ave. Room 306.
• Support Video-conference in 215 Lexington Ave. 12th floor conference room.
Areas not supported:
• Multimedia equipment belonging to academic and administrative departments.
• Faculty multimedia equipment assigned to them by their college or school.
• Non-computer connected multimedia equipment. (Except that which is installed in multimedia enhanced rooms consoles or cars.
• We are unable to provide production assistance with the creation and maintenance of PowerPoint slideshows, or continuous on-site technical support for video presentation, etc. However, we will be happy to give pointers about PowerPoint and instruction about the use of the presentation equipment.