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Academic Computing’s multimedia equipment loan agreement form allows faculty and staff to borrow multimedia equipment for events.  Multimedia equipment may only be borrowed by faculty or staff members of Yeshiva University.  Students may use multimedia equipment on loan, but the form may only be filled out by Yeshiva University staff or faculty.  The loan form must be filled out in its entirety at the office of Academic Computing and signed before any multimedia equipment can be borrowed.  Contact information, equipment type/model, and loan period are all required information on the form.  Additionally, the Academic Computing employee has discretion to photo copy the borrowers ID onto the form; this is recommended but not required.

Academic Computing’s policy of loaning multimedia equipment is provided as a courtesy.  Borrowers should treat the equipment as their own and will be held responsible for any damages or loss and in some instances may have their borrowing privileges suspended.

For any questions regarding the new multimedia loan agreement form or this policy, please contact Academic Computing.

Click here to request multimedia support on the Manhattan campuses

Click here to request multimedia support at Einstein.

Click here to download the multimedia equipment loan agreement form  (Manhattan only)