Tomer Devorah—S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program


Goal of Program
To educate and inspire students to use a healthy Torah lens to assess their goals and priorities for their adult life.

Attitude Towards Israel and Medinat Yisrael
Tomer Devorah seeks to engender a very strong connection to the Land of Israel through classes, tiyulim and Shabbatot in communities throughout the Land.  Medinat Yisrael is a precious and fragile gift that Hashem gave back to the Jews after the destruction of the Holocaust.  We have tremendous hakarat hatov for the fact that we have a Medina that affords us to learn and serve Hashem in the Land of our Forefathers.

Attitude Towards University Studies
Very encouraging of students to continue their studies in colleges and universities around the world.

Attitude Towards Extracurricular Activities
There is a very big emphasis on involvement in experiential and extracurricular activities in Tomer Devorah. The monthly calendar has multiple extracurricular activities, trips, events and more every month.

Preparation for Post Israel
In Tomer Devorah there is a very big emphasis on being "real" and encouraging the students to face their real-life challenges and hurdles head-on.  Tomer Devorah prepares the students not only with the knowledge and background to be confident and proud in their Torah perspectives and beliefs but also to be healthy, inside and out, with a balanced perspective on life and the future.

The "Successful" Student
A successful Tomer Devorah student is one who went through her seminary year facing her challenges - academic, personal growth or spiritual - head on.  Tomer Devorah students find they have the support and backing they need to overcome the challenges they meet throughout the year.  Those students who don't fake or shy away, but are committed to taking on their challenges, both in the classroom and out, succeed at becoming developed, mature thinkers and recognize the deep wellspring of personal abilities and potential that they have inside.  This is something the students take with them for the rest of their lives and use to face all their future challenges and obstacles.

The Tomer Devorah dress code reflects adherence to Halacha as well as sensitivity to the local religious population.

Guidance Personnel
We have a strong staff with a very small staff to student ratio.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of the staff by making meetings and personal connections.

There is 24 hour security for the  Tomer Devorah campus.  There is a family living on the campus and another Eim Bayit living just a few minutes walk away.  Our staff is in constant contact with the students and attendance and curfew are monitored daily in order to ensure that every student is accounted for.


Our curriculum focuses on developing a deep love of Judaism and commitment to a Torah lifestyle through learning the texts and contemporary teachings of our rabbis. There is a strong emphasis on Midot development and finding each individual girl's place in her Judaism.

Courses Offered
A full weekly schedule is available on our website at

  • 4 D Vision
  • 48 Ways
  • A Deeper Look
  • A Meaningful Life
  • Advanced Halacha
  • Bayit Rishon: A Nation Divided
  • Bein Adam Lichaveiro
  • Beit Midrash (Freestyle)
  • Beit Midrash: Chumash Prep
  • Building Blocks
  • Building Your Humanity
  • Chayei Olam
  • Chinuch Habanim
  • Chorev
  • Chovat Hatalmidim
  • Chumash
  • Concepts in Jewish Thought
  • Contemporary Conundrums in Halacha
  • D’rash v’Remez al HaParsha
  • Da Et Atzmecha
  • Da Ma Lihashiv
  • Darchei Noam
  • Empowerment through Torah
  • Foundations of Faith
  • From Adam to Adam
  • From Adam to Me
  • Galgal Hashana - Sephardic
  • Habayit Hayehudi
  • Haftarah
  • Halacha: Lifecycles
  • Hatzalah - EMR
  • Hilchot Brachot
  • Hilchot Inyanei Nashim
  • Hilchot Shabbat I: Fundamentals
  • Hilchot Shabbat II: Sephardic
  • Hilchot Shabbat III: 39 Melachot
  • Honors Chumash
  • Iggeret HaRamban
  • Independent Parshat Hashavua Self Study
  • Inyanei Nashim
  • Iyunim B'Chumash
  • Lessons from the Desert
  • Life Skills
  • Maagal Hashana: The Cycle of the Jewish Year
  • Mesilat Yesharim
  • Michtav Meliyahu
  • Mishlei
  • Misunderstood Topics in Tanach
  • Mitzvot Nashim
  • Mysteries of Parshat Bereishit
  • Nashim BaTanach
  • Netivot Shalom
  • Out and About in Jerusalem
  • Pirkei Avot
  • Rodfei Emet
  • Sefer Chafetz Chaim
  • Sefer Daniel
  • Sefer Kuzari
  • Sefer Ovadia
  • Shearim BeTfillah
  • Sheva Neviot
  • Shir Hashirim
  • Taamei Hamitzvot
  • Tefillah
  • Tehillim
  • The Joy of Being a Jew
  • Threats to Judaism
  • Tools for the Real World
  • Trei Asar
  • Ulpan
  • Understanding the End of Days
  • Uva LiTzion
  • Values and Value
  • Works of the Ramchal
  • Yediat Ha’aretz

Daily Schedule
Classes are offered 5 days a week beginning at 8:30am. Girls choose their own classes and therefore have the flexibility to create their schedules to best suit their individual needs. There are no classes on Fridays.

Language of Instruction
Our classes are in English.

Ulpan or Hebrew Class
We offer Ulpan as part of our schedule.

Assessment and Grading
Grades are assessed based on attendance, class participation and semester tests or projects.

Shana Bet
Tomer Devorah offers a full shana bet program.

Joint Program
Yeshiva University, Touro, Excelsior College


  • Mrs. Chana Abowitz
  • Mrs. Gitty Auerbach
  • Mrs. Michelle Baruch
  • Rabbi Meir Blake
  • Rabbi Morderchai Burg
  • Rabbi Tzadok Cable
  • Rabbi Yirmiyahu Cohen
  • Mrs. Tzipora Leah Danesh
  • Rabbi Meir Eisenman
  • Rabbi Noam Fix
  • Mrs. Rivka Fix
  • Mrs. Elana Glatt
  • Mrs. Sophie Goldstein
  • Mrs. Chana Greenfield
  • Mrs. Pearly Hausman
  • Mrs. Chava Leah Hoffman
  • Miss Shifra Kahana
  • Mrs. Mindel Kassorla
  • Rabbi Gabi Kruskal
  • Rabbi Dov Lev
  • Mrs. Rivka Lichtman
  • Mrs. Menucha Lieberman
  • Rabbi Yoel Lock
  • Mrs. Hyndi Mendelowitz
  • Mrs. Miriam Miller
  • Miss Tsivia Morrison
  • Mrs. Shaina Newman
  • Mrs. Shelly Padowitz
  • Mrs. Tamara Pearl
  • Rabbi Don Perkal
  • Mrs. Sheva Rand
  • Mrs. Miriam Rosen
  • Miss Sara Rosenbaum
  • Mrs. Leah Rosenstein
  • Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein
  • Mrs. Aviva Saunders
  • Rabbi Baruch Schechter
  • Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker
  • Rabbi Nachman Seltzer
  • Mrs. Hanna Shukrun
  • Rabbi Adam Simon
  • Mrs. Joyce Sperling
  • Mrs. Elana Stahler
  • Mrs. Avigail Teller
  • Mrs. Michal Trenk
  • Mrs. Ariella Vale
  • Mrs. Tova Walder
  • Mrs. Chaya Wealcatch
  • Rabbi Yaakov Yisroel Wenglin

Extra-Curricular Activities

Interaction with Israelis
Tomer Devorah is located on the beautiful Beit Olot Campus -- a home for underprivileged Israeli girls.

Tomer Devorah girls are encouraged to expand their horizons by spending shabbat with families living all over Israel.

Special Informal Programs
Special informal programming happens all the time at Tomer Devorah. We host workshops at staff homes, movie nights on educational topics, night activities, exercise classes, game.nights , kumzitzs, dinners with teachers and more.  Over vacation times, we have special programming including a pizza party, BBQ, tie dyeing, informal trips, joint chessed opportunities and other fun and relaxing activities.

Sports Facilities
Our campus houses various exercise machines and an outdoor basketball court.

Programming for Shabbat and Yom Tov
Tomer Devorah offers approximately one shabbaton per month.  Shabbatonim are either on our campus or in various communities around Israel.  Tomer Devorah has a shabbat placement program in which girls can sign up to be placed in different communities.

Field Trips
Tomer Devorah girls are privileged to travel the width and breadth of the country.  We travel up to the North of the Country, the South of the country and everywhere in between.


Level of Learning Offered

Hebrew Knowledge Required
Shiurim are in English.

Religious Observance Required
An orthodox woman who exhibits a positive attitude towards her shemirat Torah U'Mitzvot and who is actively seeking growth in learning.


Type of Student
Tomer Devorah students come from all over the United States from backgrounds ranging from public school to Beit Yaakov.

Overall Number of Students (Kollel, Israeli, Foreign)

Foreign Student Percentage

Number of 1st Year American Students

Number of 2nd Year American Students
Generally 10-20

Other Nationalities
England, Canada, Brazil,  Australia, South Africa, and Italy

Number of Students per Class
Students choose their own classes and therefore class sizes range from as few as 5-8 girls to classes that have all the girls in attendance.


Living Quarters
Each room houses 4-5 students. The dorms are housed in the same beautiful building as all the school facilities -- no need to be exposed to the elements on your way to class, to the common areas or to eat. All students have access to a kitchenette, laundry and computers with internet access. Students may choose their own roommates. Tomer Devorah is housed on a campus equipped with a basketball court and multiple outdoor areas for recreation.

Availability of Private Kitchen Facilities
The dorm has a kitchen facility for student use with refrigerator, burners and microwave.

Facility use during Shabbat and Yom Tov
The dorm is always open.

Curfew is 11:30pm nightly.

Security Arrangements
There is a 24 hour security guard, closed circuit cameras and a fence surrounding the entire scenic campus.


Founded in 2006, Tomer Devorah is proud to be moving into its second decade as a successful, popular and highly regarded seminary.

Accrediting Universities

Tomer Devorah is a recognized Yeshiva University S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program School. Our credits are accepted by Touro College, Excelsior College and various other universities. Please be in touch with the Tomer Devorah Office to find out if your college will accept a Tomer Devorah transcript.


Annual tuition is $23,800.

Additional Information

Please see our website

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