Midreshet AMIT @ Beit Hayeled—S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program

Goal of the Program

Midreshet AMIT seeks to imbue its participants with challenging Torah learning and a commitment to Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael. With a great variety of courses and daily volunteering at Beit Hayeled, our students' days are packed with a combination of exciting learning and intense chesed. It is through these experiences that our students can achieve great heights and become the leaders of tomorrow.


Goal of Program

Midreshet AMIT seeks to imbue its participants with challenging Torah learning and a commitment to Am Yisrael and to Eretz Yisrael. With a great variety of courses and daily volunteering at Beit Hayeled, our students' days are packed with a combination of exciting learning and intense chesed. It is through these experiences that our students can achieve great heights and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Attitude towards Israel and Medinat Yisrael

Midreshet AMIT is part of the network of AMIT schools and is founded upon the ideals of Tzionut. In the classroom, we offer courses on Zionism, Issues in Modern Israel and a workshop in Israel Advocacy. Out of the classroom, we take trips across the country to expose the students to the variety of communities in Israel. Some of the highlights of the year include the celebration and commemoration of Yom Hashoa, Yom Hazikaron, Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim.

Attitude towards University Studies

Our students will be encouraged to broaden their horizons by pursuing a university education. We will encourage our students to be “Kovea Itim l'Torah" and as such find a campus where opportunities for learning can coexist with opportunities for higher education. In the New York area, our alumni attend Stern College for Women, Barnard College, Columbia University, Rutgers University, Queens College, Binghamton University, Touro College, NYU, Hunter and FIT. Out of New York, our alumni attend schools across the country such as University of Maryland, University of Pennsylvania, Emory University, Cornell University, University of Michigan, Brandeis University, Boston University, UCLA and more.

Attitude towards Extracurricular Activities

An integral part of the program at Midreshet AMIT is serving as a mentor to children at Beit Hayeled. There are one to two hours of required daily volunteering with the foster children in the building. Additional opportunities are available to the students as they live on campus at Beit Hayeled and as such can elect to spend their free time with their foster families. Each student is also required to choose an "out of the building" chesed opportunity. There is a wide variety of options to choose from and students are placed according to their interests.

Preparation for Post Israel

At Midreshet AMIT, the students will participate in seminars dealing with religious issues confronted on the college campus. The goal of these programs is to fortify the student with a strong Torah background that also encompasses a respect for the secular world. Additionally, in conjunction with the "Jerusalem U" Israel Advocacy course, the students will learn how to respond to Anti Israel and Anti Semitic challenges that they may encounter on the campus.

The "Successful" Student

A successful alumna will take her place in the world committed to Torah learning and active participation in the Jewish community. Through the AMIT experience, our alumni develop a lifelong connection to the Land of Israel.


The students are expected to confirm to the school dress code. For details, please consult our website – www.midreshetamit.org.

Guidance Personnel

Students and faculty have a warm and close relationship. Our Coordinator of Student Activities is available around the clock to assist the students in any way. Our caring Mechanchot meet each student weekly to talk or learn b'chavruta. Our staff opens their homes to the students regularly for Shabbatot and Chagim.


As the home of over a hundred children under the care of the Israeli government, Beit Hayeled is in close and direct contact with the proper security apparatus at all times. Our building is monitored 24 hours a day by closed circuit cameras with an armed guard present. The building has a "safe area" on the lower level that can accommodate all of the residents at Beit Hayeled. The safety of our students is of paramount important to us while she is out of the building as well. Therefore, students need to sign out each "Off Shabbat" and provide us with the name and phone number of hosts to use in case of emergency. Each student has a cell phone which enable us to text her easily in case of emergency.



Our curriculum is designed to allow each student to pursue her own goals on her own level. Every class period offers a choice of classes in Tanach, Talmud, Halacha and Jewish Thought. Likewise, there are advanced text based classes along side discussion based classes so that each student can create a schedule that meets her own needs. Along side class, each student can choose to pursue her own interest and goals in the Beit Midrash which is supervised by a member of the faculty. It is quite common for our students to pursue, in their free time, one-on-one chavrutot with the warm and encouraging members of faculty. The wide range of levels, topics, and learning opportunities allows Midreshet AMIT to become a uniquely open and welcoming community of young women who want to embrace the challenge of transformative chesed and transformative learning.

Courses Offered

Please consult our website www.midreshetamit.org for a complete listing of all of our courses offered.

Daily Schedule

Our morning begins with Tefilla and breakfast, followed by Morning Seder. Morning classes are from 9:15am-12:30pm. The afternoon schedule consists of two class periods and one hour of chesed with the Beit Hayeled children. Actual times vary day to day. Dinner is at 6:00 pm, and Night Seder is from 8:00-9:15 pm on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Language of Instruction

Classes are in English. It is recommended that the student has some background in Hebrew to facilitate communication with the Beit Hayeled children and families.

Ulpan or Hebrew Class

An integral part of our program is daily interaction with the children at Beit Hayeled. A basic working knowledge of Hebrew is a necessity and language improvement will take place through language immersion, contact with the children and an elective Ulpan. We offer both an intermediate and an advanced Ulpan.

Assessment and Grading

Attendance is mandatory and will be monitored. Grades will be assigned on basis of attendance and participation.

Shana Bet

We currently do not have a Shana Bet Program.

Joint Program

Midreshet AMIT is a Yeshiva University S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program School. We offer an official transcript to all colleges that accept overseas credits.


Director: Mrs. Ilana Gottlieb

Rosh Midrasha: Rabbi Daniel Goldstein

Our faculty reflects a broad spectrum of educators trained in many different Torah institutions and universities. For a complete listing of our current faculty, please consult our website.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Interaction with Israelis

As part of the AMIT network of schools we will visit different communities and schools which reflect Israeli society. Our students will interact daily with the children at Beit Hayeled and their Israeli foster parents. Additionally, there are 25 Bnot Sherut Leumi, Israeli girls who are doing their national service at Beit Hayeled.

Special Informal programs

Special "Yimei Iyun" are planned throughout the year on topics such as Modern Orthodoxy, religious Zionism, the college campus, Torah and Science and modern halachic issues. Our students will be exposed to Rabbanim, female scholars, and talent from abroad who will engage the minds and hearts of our students. Our program is enhanced by special celebrations on Rosh Chodesh, Chagim, Yom Ha’atzmaut, and Yom Yerushalayim. Our staff includes program coordinators who plan meaningful and relevant activities.

Sports Facilities

On our premises there is a basketball court and soccer field. There are gyms and swimming pools in close proximity.

Programming for Shabbat and Yom Tov

Monthly Shabbatonim will be held in different cities or on campus. Our dorm is always open and as such, students may host friends for Shabbat. Home hospitality will always be available from faculty and AMIT friends.

Field Trips

We will enjoy a variety of tiyulim which incorporate Jewish history, past and present, and serve as educational, inspirational, and fun bonding experiences. Three times during the year we go on exciting overnight tiyulim to different parts of Eretz Yisrael.


Level of Learning Offered

Intermediate and Advanced

Hebrew Knowledge Required

Most shiurim are in English.

Religious Observance Required

An orthodox woman who exhibits a positive attitude toward Torah and Mitzvot and who is motivated to learn and grow in all areas.


American, Australian, British, Canadian and  South African students.

Type of American Student

We currently have 60 young women from all over the US, Canada, Australia, England and South Africa. Students arrive from cities throughout New York and New Jersey as well as cities such as Stamford, Chicago, Baltimore, Silver Spring, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Boca Raton, Miami, Cleveland, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia.

Overall Number of Students (Kollel, Israeli, Foreign)


Foreign Student Percentage


Number of 1st Year American Students

55 - 60

Number of 2nd Year American Students



Other Nationalities

British, Canadian, Australian, South African


Number of Students per Class

Class size ranges from 5-25. Students register for their classes of choice and therefore class size spans the range.


Living Quarters

Our dorm is made up of suites that can accommodate between 2-5 students. The rooms each have comfortable American beds and spacious quality furniture to store clothing. Each apartment is equipped with a full kitchen facility. The common room is equipped with couches for relaxing, treadmills for exercising and wireless internet connection. Our laundry room has multiple large American Style washer dryers for unlimited use. Housekeeping is provided daily.


Availability of Private Kitchen Facilities

Each apartment has a full kitchen facility with a stove, refrigerator, toaster, microwave, and a hot tray and urn for Shabbat.


Facility use during Shabbat and Yom Tov

The dorm is always open with 24 hour security. Students can eat with friends or with the Beit Hayeled families.


Curfew is at 12:30 pm.


Security Arrangements

Midreshet AMIT is secured by 24 hour armed guard and closed circuit security cameras. Security drills are conducted regularly and students are instructed on how to respond in an emergency situation. Our building has a "safe floor" that can accommodate all of the students in case of emergency. All students are required to be part of a central texting system so that the administration can contact them easily.


Midreshet Amit opened its doors in 2006.  Its students body has expanded from 15 students to its current maximum of 60 students.

 Accrediting Universities

Midreshet AMIT is a Yeshiva University S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program School. In addition, credits earned at Midreshet AMIT are accepted by many other colleges and universities in North America.


Tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year is 100,000 Israeli shekel ($27,000). Midreshet AMIT offers need-based financial aid.

Additional Information

Midreshet AMIT is a program which combines a love of Torah, commitment to chesed and pride in Eretz Yisrael. The outstanding and unique feature of Midreshet AMIT is the synthesis of "Living Torah" and "Living Chesed". This delicate balance of learning and action in Eretz Yisrael allow our students to achieve great heights and become the leaders of tomorrow..

Contact Information

Mrs. Ilana Gottlieb, Director

9 Rechov Hashayish

Gilo, Jerusalem 93841

Phone: (02) 645-0435

Fax: (02) 676-7822

Email: midrasha@amit.org.il

Website: www.midreshetamit.org

US Line: 646-484-8982