Yeshivat Torat Yosef Hamivtar—S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program

Goal of the Program

The goal of the Yeshiva is to promote Jewish learning in a thoughtful, sensitive way. We train beginners in the basic skills to become independent learners, we teach more experienced learners to develop their proficiency in learning and we prepare those who have the appropriate learning and leadership skills to become outstanding rabbis.

Goal of Program
The goal of the Yeshiva is to promote Jewish learning in a thoughtful, sensitive way. We train beginners in the basic skills to become independent learners, we teach more experienced learners to develop their proficiency in learning and we prepare those who have the appropriate learning and leadership skills to become outstanding rabbis.

Attitude towards Israel and Medinat Yisrael

While our Yeshiva does not take any political stance, we proudly promote love of the Land of Israel and State of Israel. This is done through the Torah that we learn, the tiyulim that we take, the example of our rabbis and our study of Modern Hebrew. Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim are enthusiastically celebrated in the Yeshiva.

Attitude towards University Studies

Our Yeshiva has a proud tradition of Torah U’Maddah. All of our rabbis have studied in University and we are supportive of our students who wish to pursue further academic studies. We do encourage our students to think carefully about what they will study and where so that they are able to maintain high standards of learning and religious observance while they are at university.

Attitude towards Extracurricular Activities

The Yeshiva believes that it is important that Torah is not only an academic discipline, but also a way of life. Friday mornings are devoted to chesed and therefore our students have opportunities to volunteer in soup kitchens, act as big brothers and help clean up neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

Preparation for Post Israel

Our Yeshiva holds a seminar at the end of each year to prepare students for their return to their home countries. In this seminar, students are encouraged to maintain their learning and religious observance in their home countries while being respectful of friends and family members who may not share their religious beliefs.

The "Successful" Student

A successful alumnus of our Yeshiva will be following the career choice which best reflects his talents and enables him to contribute to the Jewish people and the rest of the world. For many, that will mean a career in the rabbinate or education. For others, it may mean a different job or profession. However, whatever they choose, it will be combined with ongoing Torah learning and observance. Where possible we encourage our students to make their homes in Israel.


The Yeshiva believes that learning is something which should be taken seriously and that this should be reflected in our dress, therefore sweatpants and shorts are not worn in the Beit Midrash and Yeshiva dining room. Shirts without collars or with writing may not be worn in the Beit Midrash and sandals should not be worn without socks.

Guidance Personnel

Our Yeshiva prides itself on a warm, open environment in which students are encouraged to share their questions with their teachers. Our large Kollel, two Rashei Yeshiva, diverse faculty and Madrichim are all on hand to discuss issues with students. All of our rabbis have private chavrutot with students providing an ideal opportunity for building staff/student relationships. Students are regularly invited to the homes of their teachers to provide informal opportunities for discussions and conversations.


Our Yeshiva is aimed at students who are over the age of twenty, and our expectation is that they will behave appropriately as Yeshiva students. It is not our practice to police their behavior. Illegal activity or serious infringements of acceptable behavior would result in immediate expulsion from the Yeshiva.
Our morning studies are devoted exclusively to in-depth study of the Talmud. In the afternoons, we offer a rich curriculum including classes in Jewish philosophy, Chumash, Tanach, Halachah and Hassidut. In the evenings, our students can choose from a wide range of Chavurot to reflect their personal interests.

Courses Offered
Classes in Tanach and Machshava vary from year to year reflecting the interests and needs of our faculty and student body. Many of our staff studied at Yeshiva University and Yeshivat Har Etzion and therefore there is a particular leaning towards the writings of Rav Soloveitchik and Rav Kook. Nevertheless, we believe in the importance of a wide-ranging program in which students are also exposed to the greatness of Hassidut, Mussar and other Jewish thinkers.

Daily Schedule
Shacharit takes place at 7:00 followed by a short halachah Seder. After a nutritious breakfast, students meet their rebbe for a brief Mussar and then make their way to morning Seder. Much of the morning is spent in the Beit Midrash preparing in chavruta the appropriate section of Gemara. During the course of the morning, students will have a Shiur where difficult points in the Gemara will be clarified and new angles examined.

Lunch is served at 12.45 followed by a break. During this time, students may join the Daf Hayomi Shiur or use the time to rest, relax or run errands. At 2.30 the Yeshiva reassembles for Mincha. Afternoon Seder is broken up by two classes which will be in Chumash, Tanach, Philosophy, Bekiut, Halachah etc. Students use the time before these classes to prepare the relevant sources.

Dinner is served at 7:00 pm followed by night Seder where students may elect to attend one of the Chaburot run by a member of the Kollel or the faculty or they may learn with their chavruta. There is no fixed end to Night Seder though most students will retire at about 10.30 pm

Language of Instruction
Classes in the Yeshiva are taught in both English and Hebrew.

Ulpan or Hebrew Class

The Yeshiva operates an Ulpan enabling our students to improve their conversational and written Hebrew.

Assessment and Grading

The Yeshiva trusts that its students are mature enough to learn independently without constant testing. Our Yeshiva is dedicated to learning Lishma and therefore does not require its students to take tests unless these are required for university credits and transcripts. Students however meet regularly with their Rabbeim enabling on-going discussion of their progress. In the Kollel, there are regular tests for those studying for the rabbinate.

Shana Bet

Our students are warmly encouraged to devote a second year to Torah study and many do. Many of the students elect to stay even longer and eventually study for the rabbinate in our Kollel.

Joint Program

Our Yeshiva is part of the Yeshiva University Joint Israel Program.
Yeshivat Torat Yosef Hamivtar is headed by Rashei HaYeshiva; Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and Rabbi Yonatan Rosensweig. Rabbi Riskin is the founding Rabbi of Lincoln Square synagogue in New York where he served for twenty-five years. Rabbi Riskin is the Chief Rabbi of Efrat and Chancellor of Ohr Torah Stone Institutions. He received Smicha from Yeshiva University and a Ph.D from New York University.

Rabbi Yonatan Rosensweig is the newly appointed Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Torat-Yosef Hamivtar. He grew up in Israel, studying in Birkat Moshe, the Hesder Yeshiva in Maaleh Adumim. In Yeshiva he received Smicha, a B.Ed, and a Bachelors of Philosophy and History. Rabbi Rosensweig recently returned from shlichut in Australia and is currently in the midst of a Masters-Doctorate program at Bar Ilan University.
Extra-Curricular Activities
Interaction with Israelis
Students are warmly welcomed by families in Efrat who often host our students. The Yeshiva does not push any political agenda nor does it encourage its students to attend rallies or demonstrations in Israel.

Special Informal programs
The Yeshiva organizes Yemei Iyun before the chagim and around major halachic issues. This year we will be organizing a new and exciting program of guest speakers to address the Yeshiva.

Sports Facilities
Efrat’s tennis courts are open to the public and floodlit on most evenings, students use the adjoining field for playing baseball or American football. Students also use a nearby basketball court. Some members of the Yeshiva play in an American football league for Friday morning games and many students use the nearby swimming pool in Alon Shvut.

Programming for Shabbat and Yom Tov
The Yeshiva hosts in Shabbatot every three weeks and Chagim are spent in the Yeshiva. These Shabbatot are special times when the students, Kollel families and staff come together to sing and celebrate Shabbat together in a warm, relaxed but intensely spiritual atmosphere.

At times when the Yeshiva is not in session, the Yeshiva encourages students to spend time with their friends and family in Israel. For those students who have no family in the country, our Madrich is happy to arrange invitations to Kollel families, Rabbeim and families in Efrat.

Field Trips
The Yeshiva arranges monthly excursions. These tiyulim constitute an essential part of the curriculum and enable our students to deepen their understand of Tanach. They promote the love of our land and create valuable opportunities for bonding between staff and students in an informal atmosphere.
Level of Learning Offered
Yeshivat Torat Yosef Hamivtar welcomes applications from students at all levels. Applicants to our Beginners level are not required to have previous experience of Torah learning.

Hebrew Knowledge Required
Hebrew skills are desirable, but not essential.

Religious Observance Required
The Yeshiva does not define itself as a Ba’al Teshuvah Yeshiva whose role is to persuade people of the truth of Judaism. Rather students come to the Yeshiva with a commitment to Torah observance, ready to engage in serious study either learning how to learn or polishing their skills in reading, studying and analyzing texts. Nevertheless, we pride ourselves on being an open place where students are free to ask any questions and discuss any issues they wish
Type of American Student
Most of our students come from North America. All of our students are over the age of twenty. Our Beit Midrash includes the Straus Kollel where young men study for semicha. They play an important role in the life of the Yeshiva and many have chavrutot with students of the Yeshiva.

Overall Number of Students (Kollel, Israeli, Foreign)

Foreign Student Percentage
No information provided

Number of 1st Year American Students
No information provided

Number of 2nd Year American Students
No information provided

Other Nationalities
A significant number of students from England as well as some from Europe and the Southern Hemisphere.

Number of Students per Class
Our classes are deliberately kept small to provide a high staff/student ratio.
Living Quarters
Most students share a room with one roommate. As far as possible, students are free to choose with whom they live. They live with fellow students of the yeshiva who mostly come from America, England and South Africa. Students are welcome to entertain guests over Shabbat. Some students choose to rent their own apartments in Efrat and some commute from Jerusalem.

Availability of Private Kitchen Facilities
The yeshiva has a student lounge with basic cooking facilities for those who wish to prepare their own snacks.

Facility use during Shabbat and Yom Tov
Students are welcome to stay in the dormitories during out Shabbatot and vacation times. Meals are only provided on in-Shabbatot, but home hospitality is always available for those requiring it. Many deep and long lasting friendships have resulted from students getting to know families in Efrat.

The Yeshiva does not have a curfew.

Security Arrangements
The security of our students is paramount and therefore no effort is spared in ensuring their security. Our students are regularly appraised of the security situation in Israel, but we do not place restrictions on their movement.
Yeshivat Torat Yosef Hamivtar was founded in the 1970’s by Rabbi Chaim Brovender to be a center for young, intelligent men to gain skills to learn Torah and Talmud independently. From its inception the Yeshiva was characterized by its warm, welcoming and thoughtful atmosphere. In 1985 the Yeshiva merged with Rabbi Riskin’s Ohr Torah Stone educational network creating a larger Yeshiva and Kollel on its own campus in Efrat.

Next year, the Yeshiva will be joined by a new Hesder Program – Machanaim. The yeshiva is currently directed by Rabbi Yonatan Rosenzweig in partnership with Rabbi Shlomo Riskin.
Accrediting Universities
Yeshivat Torat Yosef Hamivtar is a Yeshiva University S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program School. Additionally, the credits for courses from Yeshivat Torat Yosef Hamivtar are directly accepted by many North American colleges and universities.
Deposit: FULL YEAR: $1,000, SINGLE SEMESTER: $500, MONTHLY: $100
Tuition and Tiyulim (trips): 9,700; 4,850; 970
Room, Board: 4,200; 2,100; 420
Total: 14,900; 7,450; 1,490

Financial Assistance

Financial aid is available in the form of long-term interest free loans and significant partial scholarships. The Yeshiva understands the fact that many students need financial help and we try to never turn students away as a result of financial need. Those who are unable to pay in full are asked to contact Rabbi Spitz, the director at

Room and Board Fees

The room and board fees cover your dormitory room as well as three meals a day.
Additional Information
We welcome applications from all Jewish men over the age of 20, regardless of their level of knowledge, who wish to join an intensive program of Jewish study in a warm, open, religious environment. The most important qualities for a student are enthusiasm to wrestle with texts and a lively, inquiring mind.

We pride ourselves on offering the only true Modern Orthodox, Zionist English speaking Yeshiva in Israel. We have an outstanding faculty whose teaching is intelligent, energetic and exciting.
Contact Information

Torat Yosef "Hamivtar"
U.S. Office
Ms. Bea Roth
49 West 45th Street #701
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 935-8672
Fax: (212) 935-8683

Israel Office
Rabbi Yonatan Rosensweig / Rabbi Yair Spitz
Givat Hamivtar, Gush Etzion 90433
(mailing address) P.O.B. 1037 Efrat 90435
Phone: (02) 993-3462
Fax: (02) 993-4241