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Machon Lev—JCT English Speakers' Program (S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program)

Goal of the Program

Our goal is to provide a well-rounded Israel experience, where students will both grow in their commitment to Torah and excel in their academic studies.

Goal of Program
Our goal is to provide a well rounded Israel experience, where students will both grow in their commitment to Torah and excel in their academic studies.

Attitude towards Israel and Medinat Yisrael

Machon Lev is a Religious Zionist institution. Our programming and tiyulim are geared to instill within our students a love for Israel.

Attitude towards University Studies

Our students are encouraged to continue their academic studies along with a strong commitment to religious observance.

Attitude towards Extracurricular Activities

Our program is actively involved in reaching out to the community at large with monthly volunteer outings such as food packaging, visiting the sick and helping victims.

Preparation for Post Israel

Our caring Rabbis, teachers and advisors form personal relationships with our students in order to prepare them for the challenges they will face as a religious Jew in a modern world. These relationships extend beyond their year in Israel, with continual correspondence and reunions with alumni.

The "Successful" Student

A student that maximizes all of his opportunities during his Israel experience.


Dress casually.

Guidance Personnel

Our program believes in the importance of personal individualized attention and has a 1:3 Rabbi/Student ratio. Additionally, our Academic Advisor and available tutors help each student to maximize his potential in all areas of his studies. Madrichim serve as mentors for our students and are available to speak with students about all areas of personal growth and development.


Rabbis and Madrichim monitor the behavior of the boys. Attendance is taken in both Jewish studies and Academic classes. There is no drug or alcohol tolerance.

Our Yeshiva consists of two separate components; Jewish studies in the morning, and academic classes in the afternoon. The Jewish Studies consists of two Beit Medrash tracks; one advanced track and the other a more basic track. Both tracks are built upon the  traditional yeshiva curriculum, with chavrutot and shiur, focusing on developing analytical skills and building learning skills in Gemara as well as in other areas.  The atmosphere is informal and student participation is greatly encouraged. The Academic studies afternoon program brings to our students the opportunity to benefit from advanced level studies at one of Israel’s leading colleges. Students make their own schedule, on their interests, and may choose from a wide range of stimulating courses. During night seder, boys can either learn b’chavruta or can attend the shiurim offered in a variety of subjects. Talmidim can also attend the Israeli shiurim.

Courses Offered
Our Academic courses have been designed to meet the core requirements of most degrees in the USA and Canada.

The following courses are generally offered in English.

Introduction to Management
Introduction to Marketing
Introduction to Computer Science
General Psychology
Organizational Psychology
Linear Algebra
Calculus 1 and 2
Internet Design and Programming
Introduction to Micro Economics
Introduction to Macro Economics
Business Ethics
Hebrew Ulpan

In addition to our courses offered in English, students may take any of the courses conducted in Hebrew at the college in areas of Business, Engineering and Computer Science.

Daily Schedule
Shacharit-8:00 AM

Morning Seder-9:15-12:45 

Academic Classes-2:30 -7:30 

Night Seder-8:30-10:00 

Language of Instruction
All shiurim and courses are taught in English. Shiurim and academic classes are available in Hebrew for those students who wish to enroll.

Ulpan or Hebrew Class

As part of one of Israel's leading colleges, our program boasts a top level, two semester Ulpan. Two different tracks are available enabling both beginners and more advanced students to grow in their Hebrew language skill.

Assessment and Grading

The year is comprised of two semesters, with grades provided in both Jewish and Academic.

Shana Bet

Students that stay on are integrated into JCT, and continue on towards a full Bachelor’s degree.

Joint Program

Our program is part of the Y.U. Israel Program, as well as the Touro/Lander College and Michigan Jewish Institute joint programs.


Jewish Studies Faculty: 

Rav Nechemia Zalman Goldberg, Rosh Yeshiva  

Rav Ben Baruch, Rosh Beit Medrash 

Rabbi Joel Cohn, Director 

Rabbi Adi Issacs
Rabbi Shalom Miller

Academic Faculty: 

Dr. Shimshon Lashansky-Physics

Dr. Aharon Goodman-Math
Dr. Eli Passow-Math
Mr. Tom Caplan-Economic
Rabbi Yoel Domb-Business Ethics
Rabbi Shlom Eitan-Hebrew
Mr. Yisrael Levine-Psychology

Mr. Michael Miller-Math

Mr. Nachum Danzig –Computer Science

Mr. Yosef Sukeinik-Computer Science

Dr. Phil Levine-Economics

Dr. Ivor David-Accounting

Dr. H. Goldmeir-Marketing

Dr. Edmund Chalom-Electrical Engineering

Dr. Avi Kay- Economics




Additionally, our students benefit from interaction from other Rabbis , academic faculty, madrichim and mentors.

Extra-Curricular Activities
Interaction with Israelis
Our students dorm with English speakers but have the opportunity to interact with Israelis on the college campus.

Special Informal programs
Chagigot are held around the year on campus or in the homes of Rabbis. Our students spend one evening a week at the homes of our Rabbis for a “Bayit Cham” informal shiur. Special Rosh Chodesh festive breakfasts, musical perfomances and other exciting activities are an important element to our programming.

Sports Facilities
Our campus has a newly built weight room with professional trainers, as well as a newly renovated basketball/ soccer court.

Programming for Shabbat and Yom Tov
Approximately once a month is an in-Shabbat, where students are required to remain on campus for a special Shabbat experience as a yeshiva community. These Shabbatot are highlighted with uplifting tefilot, meals, zemirot, Divrei Torah, and are in participation of our programs Rabbis. The remainder of Shabbatot are out-Shabbatot, which provide the opportunity for students to spend Shabbat elsewhere - friends, or family. Of course, students may choose to remain on campus on out-Shabbatot, and meals are provided.

The dormitory is always open to its students and meals are provided for those students who are on campus during chagim.

Field Trips
Tiyulim & Trips

Our tiyulim are a balance of experiencing the historically rich sites of Israel and having a great time. Mountain rappelling, overnight campouts and challenging hikes are just some examples of our exciting tiyul schedule. All tiyulim are led by our staff members, who join in the tiyulim to further develop their relationship with our students.
Level of Learning Offered
All levels are accepted

Hebrew Knowledge Required
None. However, shiurim and classes are available in Hebrew for those who would like enroll.

Religious Observance Required
Modern Orthodox background
Type of American Student
Our students are from all over North America and graduates of Modern Orthodox Yeshiva High-schools.

Below are some of the high schools that are students have attended:

NY - Flatbush, TABC, MAYHS, MTA, Ramaz, Rambam, Kushners, Frisch,. Outside NY - Beth Tefila, Rambam (Baltimore), Ida Crown, Skokie Yeshiva (Chicago), Yavne Academy, Texas Torah Institute (TX), Columbus Torah Academy (Ohio), CHAT, Or Chaim (Toronto), Yavne, Beit HaLevy, Hebrew Academy (Montreal) YULA, Shalhevet, Valley Torah (LA), Toras Chaim (Miami), WYHS (Boca) Toras Chaim (San Diego),, Stern (Philadelphia), NW YHS (Seattle)

Overall Number of Students (Kollel, Israeli, Foreign)

Foreign Student Percentage
Jewish students from all over the world number about 30% of JCT's population.

Number of 1st Year American Students

Number of 2nd Year American Students
In addition to 1st year students, there is a community of English speakers, who have spent at least one year in post high school yeshiva, that are studying for a degree at Machon Lev.

Other Nationalities
We have had a few students from the UK.

Number of Students per Class
Jewish Studies – 8
Academic Studies- 20
Living Quarters
Our dormitories are conveniently located on campus. Each suite houses two students and features a private bathroom, kitchenette area with a refrigerator, and work study desk area that enables our students the environment needed for study. Internet is available.

Availability of Private Kitchen Facilities
Kitchen facilities are available

Facility use during Shabbat and Yom Tov
Facilities, including meals, are open for all Shabbatot and Yom Tovim.

We do not have a curfew

Security Arrangements
Mizrachi receives directives and security updates from the Security department of the Jewish Agency and acts accordingly. Students are required to adhere to these rules and guidance. In the event of a terror incident in Israel, the program follows set procedures laid down by the Jewish Agency.
Machom Lev - JCT English Speakers' Program founded in 1989 is one of Israel's leading colleges. The English Speakers'ogram of the college has been providing post high school students with an unforgettable Israel Experience for the past 10 years.
Accrediting Universities
Machon Lev-JCT is a Yeshiva University S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program School. In addition it is a member of Touro/Landers College and Michigan Jewish Institute joint programs. Our credits are recognized by universities across North America and throughout Israel.
The tution is $21,000. Scholarships are available.
Additional Information
Machon Lev - JCT English Speakers' Program should be of interest to a student who is interested in spending an exciting year of study in Israel in a top level Beit Midrash program, and enjoys a stimulating and varied academic program. Study in JCT offers full academic credits, recognized by universities in North America.
Contact Information

Yeshiva at Machon Lev
Rabbi Joel Cohn
21 Havaad Haleum
Jerusalem 91160
Phone: (02) 675-1011
Fax: (02) 675-1033