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Donor Profile: Dr. Lewis Rubin

The Power of Scholarships

Dr. Lewis RubinDr. Lewis Rubin became a well-respected and world-renowned expert in pulmonary vascular disease because of the scholarships he received at Yeshiva College and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. “It’s a simple fact,” he said. “The scholarships were critical because I didn’t have the resources to cover tuition.”

This is why his generous donations have gone into creating need-based scholarships for qualified men and women who want to attend Yeshiva University. He also plans to establish an endowed scholarship that will provide financial assistance in perpetuity. “This is my way of giving back because I have been very fortunate,” he said.

Rubin’s connection to Yeshiva pre-dates his undergraduate days because he attended Yeshiva University High School for Boys, where he was classmates and good friends with President Richard Joel. “Seeing the remarkable work that Richard was doing at YU,” he said, “motivated me to find a way to give back to the institution that gave so much to me.”

One of the greatest benefits of his undergraduate education was the dual approach to academic study required by YU. While he was a pre-med student with a concentration in the sciences, he also had access to courses in literature, music and language that broadened and matured him. For instance, for a time he studied medieval Hebrew literature at the Erna Michael College of Hebraic Studies, in part because his grandfather wrote the first textbook of modern Hebrew grammar, and in part because of his fascination with what he called the “Golden Age of Spain,” when the three major religions managed, for a time, to get along. “None of this necessarily taught me about being a better doctor,” he said, “but by giving me a broader perspective about things (and because I did it purely for my own enjoyment), it did teach me how to be a better person.”

Albert Einstein College of Medicine seemed the perfect follow-up for him. With the help of his scholarships and some work-study, he completed the three-year course of study and moved into the study of pulmonary vascular disease that has defined his professional career.

Now “technically retired,” Rubin maintains a full schedule of teaching, writing, consulting, and collaborating on a number of international research projects. He also does a great deal of volunteer work, which he finds immensely rewarding, especially when it focuses on providing simple, basic medical care to people who don’t have access to it.

“Doing what I’ve been able to do,” he said, “gives me a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and achievement. I want to make sure that someone who is otherwise qualified does not miss out on the opportunities that I have had.”

(April 2016)

Meet More Donors

Here at Yeshiva University, donors play a major role in helping us to fulfill our mission of Torah Umadda and making it possible for many deserving students to attend YU, regardless of their financial situation. Below are the stories of just a few of our committed donors and their compelling reasons for giving to Yeshiva University.

We thank all of our donors for their generosity. If you’re a prospective donor with any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Phil FriedmanPhil Friedman, YU Trustee

"Being involved in YU, the most prestigious and visibly Jewish institution of higher learning, gives me great pride. I feel very grateful to be able to give back...."

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Michael GamsonMichael Gamson, YU Trustee

"I’m convinced that the Jewish community cannot exist without a strong YU, and if I can help it continue to grow and strengthen for the next several decades, I will do so wholeheartedly.”

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Olga Gutman Olga Gutman '94S

"I had always thought that there would come a point where I would help Yeshiva because I was so thankful for the opportunity it gave me.''

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Lance HirtTrustee Lance Hirt '87YC

"There's nothing more important than providing students with all the beneifts YU has to offer...."

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Henry KresselDr. Henry Kressel '55YC, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

"A close interaction between students and faculty is a characteristic of great schools. The YU environment fostered this relationship in both the Judaic and secular studies programs."

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Rabbi Jonah ('56YC, '59R) and Fran Kupietzky

"We hope that the gift that we gave to RIETS will introduce a more intensive study of Kodoshim to the YU world, and to the yeshiva world in general...."

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Rhoda LevineRhoda Levine, YU Benefactor

"I support Jewish education, and Stern is one of the only places where young Jewish women can learn Jewish subjects, as well as secular, on such a high level."

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Dr. Effie Nulman Dr. Effie Nulman

"If I can do this, then other people can help, too. Any boost that I can give to these kids...that's really worthwhile."

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Florence SeidenFlorence Seiden

"I believe in Yeshiva University and what it stands for, and our donation is great way to honor my parents."

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Charles TrentCharles Trent, Faculty

"I give to enhance our students' ability to be scholars....I hope they help the students in some way."

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