Fall 2016 PhD Semester Materials

PhD Fall 2016 Class Schedule 
PhD Fall 2016 Monthly Calendar
SWK8105 - Poverty, Inequality & Human Development (PENDING)
SWK8109 - Adv Topics in Law & SW (PENDING)
SWK8296 - Social Policy (PENDING)
SWK8401 - Research Methodology I (PENDING)
SWK8416 - Qualitative Data Analysis (PENDING)
SWK8421 - Strategies of Inquiry I (PENDING)
SWK8425 - History & Philosophy of SW (PENDING)
SWK8681 - Administration Practice and Policy (PENDING)
SWK8684 - Child & Family Welfare (PENDING)
SWK8823 - Ideology (PENDING)
SWK8891 - Alcohol, Drugs & Other Addictions (PENDING)
SWK8920 - Dissertation Proposal Seminar II (PENDING)

Summer 2016 PhD Semester Materials

PhD Summer 2016 Monthly Calendar
PhD Summer 2016 Class Schedule
PhD Summer 2016 Course Outlines
SWK8406 - Fundamentals of Applied Statistics (Pending)
SWK8623 -Treatment of Eating Disorders (Pending)
SWK8702 - Coping with Loss (Pending)
SWK8823 - Ideology (Pending)

Spring 2016 Semester Materials

PhD Spring 2016 Class Schedule 
PhD Spring 2016 Monthly Calendar
PhD Spring 2016 - Electives
SWK8402 - Research Methodology II (Pending)
SWK8408 - Advanced Statistics with STATA  (Pending)
SWK8422 - Strategies of Inquiry II
SWK8681 - Administrative Practice & Policy 
SWK8809 - Legal Foundation of Social Work
SWK8814 - Social Work Practice Theories
SWK8841 - Social Work Healthcare  (Pending)
SWK8891 - Alcohol, Drugs & other Addictions  (Pending)
SWK8882 - Evidence Based Mental Health Practice 
SWK8883 - Research Based Interventions 
SWK8904 - Proposal Seminar I: Lit. Review