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YESS Application Instructions

The YESS system requires that for every department that will create PRF, PSF or PM transactions, at least one person in that department is granted rights to create these transactions. If you are the person that will be creating these transactions, then complete the form for yourself as well as for any other individuals.

By granting rights to this person, you will also make sensitive employee information, such as salary and social security numbers, available for viewing.

When possible, it is suggested that more than one person is granted these rights so that this person can assume the responsibility when the primary person is either absent or on vacation.

The form is completed as follows:

NOTE - All fields in RED must be completed

Section 1 - Requestor Information

In this section you must enter your name, E-Mail address and phone number

Section 2 - Department to be accessed

Enter your department name and your 2 digit cost center. Your Cost Center is very important because the same department name may exist in different cost centers.

Section 3 - Person who should have access

In this section you must enter the name(s) of the people in your department that will be granted access to the system. You must complete this section for yourself and any additional people that you wish to grant access to.

The person named does NOT have to belong to your department in order to be able to create YESS transaction on your behalf. As an example, you may share secretarial staff with another department. If this person belongs to the other department you MUST enter their department name.

Email Address:

The persons E-Mail address is required. When the YESS transactions are completed, the person that created the transaction will receive an E-Mail notification.

Phone Number:

Enter the phone number, building and room number


You MUST enter the last four digits of this persons Social Security number. This information is required for identification and security purposes.

Security Checkbox:

This form only grants rights to use the system. Within your own department there are additional levels of security that you will control. These additional levels of security include:

Approval Authority - the right to Approve transactions
Division Authority - For departments with divisions, the right to create transactions for any or all divisions within the department
All Departments - For selected Cost Centers, the right to create transactions for all departments within the Cost Center.

The person granted rights to update the security privileges for all people granted access in your department must be given to at least one person. This person should be chosen carefully.

Departments Checkbox:

There are certain cost centers that are actually departments. An example of this situation is Cost Center 10 - Office of Student Finance. There are 110 departments under this Cost Center. While only a few of these departments have any employees, many of the departments have only 1 or 2 employees. In this situation you may NOT want to have those departments create their own transactions. When you check the box for this question, you will grant permission to this person to create transactions for all employees in your Cost Center. When this form is completed, the ITS department will determine if you are allowed to check this box.
Example - If your Cost Center is 26 - AECOM - you will be denied permission to create transactions for all of AECOM.

You may enter as many employees as you wish on this form. While the form, initially, allows for only one employee, the form will direct you how to add additional employees.

Section 4 - Add more people who need access

On a single form you may add as many people as required that will have access within your department. Press the button "Add Another Person" to enter information for any additional people.

Section 5 - Submit For Processing

When you have entered all of the required information, press the "SUBMIT" button. You will be presented with the following instructions.



When you click on ''download the form'', a printable version of the information you entered is displayed on the screen. Print the form, sign it and forward it to the person named in the instructions.


ITS will contact you to verify the information submitted.