Talent Development FAQs 

Who can attend development programs?

Typically, programs are open to all Yeshiva University employees. Occasionally, a program may be targeted for a specific employee group. Please review the program information carefully, and remember that you should discuss attendance at a program before submitting your registration request.

Can I attend programs that are conducted on other campuses?

Employees may attend a program regardless of location.

What do we do if we want to arrange to have a program conducted for our department staff?

We are happy to work with departments to address special requests. Please contact us at training@yu.edu or Karin Rosenthal at 646-592-4557 to discuss your request.

How do I register for a class?

All registrations are completed online. To register for an upcoming program, please visit our Course Description and Registration page. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact training@yu.edu or Karin Rosenthal at 646-592-4557.

If I register for a program, does that automatically mean I can attend it? Will my registration be confirmed? How do I know if I registered for a program?

When you submit your registration request, you will receive an acknowledgement that it was received. This initial acknowledgment does not mean that you have been confirmed to attend the program. Those confirmed to attend will receive an e-mail confirmation that includes the program name, date, time, location and duration. Please print it and keep it for your records. Similarly, if you are not identified to attend a program (e.g., over subscription to the program, it required a pre-requisite program that you did not attend), you will also be notified via e-mail. In all cases, your supervisor will receive notification of your status.

What if I register for a class but then don't hear about my status?

Please contact us whenever you have a question of any kind. For a status update please contact us at training@yu.edu or Karin Rosenthal at 646-592-4557.

What if I cannot attend a program for which I registered?

If circumstances arise and you will not be able to attend, you should immediately notify Karin Rosenthal at 646-592-4557. While we understand that emergencies may occur, we otherwise ask that you provide at least one week's notice. Many of our programs have waiting lists, so early notice will permit us to arrange for another interested employee to attend.

Do I need my Managers/Supervisors permission to register for a class?

Yes. You should review your interest with your supervisor or manager and obtain his/her approval before submitting your registration request.

Is there a cost associated with attending these programs?

At the moment, there are no departmental costs associated with these training programs. However, some programs are arranged through contract providers and we reserve the right to charge departments when employees fail to attend programs without sufficient notice. Please note that employees are responsible for their own lunch arrangements for full day programs.

What happens if I am not accepted into the program?

If you are advised that you were not confirmed for a program, please continue to monitor our website for additional offerings in this as well as other program opportunities.

What do I do if the program is cancelled?

We advise you to continue to monitor our website for additional offerings of this program as well as other program opportunities.

Can I register for multiple programs? What will happen if I register for more than one program?

While we currently do not place limits on expressions of interest, we ask that you be judicious when registering for more than one program.



What can I do to recognize a YU employee or work group that has gone "above and beyond" in doing a great job?

Send us an e-mail at training@yu.edu and tell us all about it. We'll review the situation and, when appropriate, will recognize the effort on our HR Roving Reporter site.


I have an event (University- or charity-related) that I would like to publicize. Can you help me?

Please contact Karin Rosenthal at 646-592-4557 to discuss your request.