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Setting Your Goals

Please take a few moments to review the following brief reminders about the performance management program and tips for helping you write your performance goals:

Remember, a goal is a statement of intent or result towards which your activities will be directed. A goal will include an action plan, which outlines the specific steps necessary to the accomplishment of the goal, specific and measureable criteria for success, and a time frame in which these activities will be accomplished.

Start the process of identifying your goals by focusing on activities that:

  • Embody our values of customer service, accountability, ownership, effective collaboration and supportive caring
  • Ensure you understand your department's and work area's vision and mission
  • Directly link to your team goals and mission
  • Have the greatest impact on the community that you serve
  • Demonstrate significant support to your work area's operation

Then meet with your rating manager to discuss his/her initial thoughts and learn from your manager important information about their goals, and your work areas priorities. This will ensure that you will have the information to develop personal goals that are in alignment with your manager's and your department's goals. The result is that you will develop goals that are specifically linked to your department's mission and objectives; meaning, you can see how your goals directly support University success.

Click here for helpful Tips on Writing "SMART" Goals.