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Performance Management Competencies

Please carefully review the information below before proceeding to the link.  The position categories have been updated to ensure the accurate description of job duties and responsibilities and to clearly provide a guide to the behaviors associated with the competencies.

In reviewing the competencies, please remember that it is not necessarily your position title that determines your placement.  Rather, it is the nature of your position duties and responsibilities that is crucial.  If, after reading this information, you are unsure as to which link is the one you should use, or if you have any other questions, please contact your manager or the Human Resources Department at ERTDINFO@YU.EDU.

Professional and Administrative Support Staff:

This position category includes professionals, who may oversee the workflow of staff and projects and exercise a limited scope of supervisory authority, and Administrative staff, are included in this group.  This group will also include Individual Contributors who may have specialized functional knowledge and responsibilities.  Please follow this link, Professional and Administrative Support Staff Competencies, to the list of core and optional competencies appropriate to your position

VPs, Deans and Directors:

Those whose position has a span of control that comprises creation of strategic vision and direction and the management of people, project and fiscal resources.  Please follow this link, VPs, Deans and Directors Competencies, for detailed listing of the competencies appropriate to your position and a guide to the behaviors associated with the competencies.  

Rating Criteria 
The following guidelines are illustrative, but not exhaustive, concerning the standards of performance expected for each rating level.  These guidelines are not meant to be rigid criteria, but are offered to assist employees and supervisors in understanding and applying the performance ratings.  If a rating of "Outstanding" or "Needs Improvement" is given the rating manager must provide a comment.  For detailed listing of the rating criteria and their definitions, please click here Rating Criteria and Definition.