Employee Relations


The goal of the employee relations function is to develop and support a positive relationship between employees and the University through programs, guidelines and policies that ensure fairness, respect and consistent treatment of all employees.


The Employee Relations and Talent Development team will work with departments, managers, and represented and non-represented employees to remove barriers to effective communication and job performance and to assist with problem-solving and mediation support.


Employee Relations Services include:

  • Assisting individuals and departments in conflict resolution efforts through facilitated discussions and mediation
  • Providing counsel, advice and support when managing employee performance and conduct issues to ensure compliance with University standards and fair, consistent and professional treatment
  • Providing policy and procedural interpretation and guidance
  • Advising departments on administering corrective action and the progressive disciplinary process
  • Providing senior-level organizational consulting services

We encourage managers, represented and non-represented employees to contact us with their concerns and for assistance with resolving any issues that may arise.


For more information and/or questions please contact Talent Management and HR Partners at (646) 592-4335  or at TRAINING@YU.EDU