Ferkauf Mentoring Pilot Program 2017–2018

The Mentorship Program is a new pilot program for Ferkauf Graduate School students and early career professionals who are self-motivated, hardworking and academically focused. The goal is to connect students and alumni (mentors).

The Ferkauf Mentorship Pilot Program (FMPP) will be geared toward 4th- and 5th-year PsyD and PhD graduate students, 2nd-year master’s students and recent (1 to 4 years) Ferkauf alumni. There are a limited number of matches available during the pilot program. All applications will be reviewed and the program coordinator will try to accommodate as many applicants as possible. Since this is a pilot program, the format may change with time.

The goal of the FMPP is for Ferkauf alumni to act as resources and mentors, sharing professional and career advice. Applicants will meet with their mentors in person or via Skype a minimum of 2 times and on the phone an additional 4-6 times and stay in touch via email.

Each applicant will be assigned to a Ferkauf alumni mentor who shares similar professional interests. Applicants will also:

  • Acquire knowledge from the mentor based on their professional experience
  • Receive assistance with expanding professional goals
  • Seek guidance in professional growth and development

If you are interested in applying to the FMPP, please complete this application.

For more information, please email Lauren Leibowitz at lauren.leibowitz@yu.edu.