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School-Clinical Child Psychology Program Welcomes Dr. Jordan Bate

The School-Clinical Child Psychology Program welcomed Dr. Jordan Bate to its faculty as an Assistant Professor of Psychology. Dr. Bate received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from The New School for Social Research, and a BA in History and Political Science from Williams College. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship in clinical psychology at Lenox Hill Hospital. Her research is broadly focused on applying attachment theory to child and parent-child psychotherapy. Beyond demonstrating treatment outcomes, she is interested in understanding the process of psychotherapy and exploring questions about what makes psychotherapy interventions effective, and how to effectively train clinicians and disseminate new treatments.
Psychodynamic psychotherapy, attachment theory, mentalization, psychotherapy process, and the therapeutic alliance. She recently published, Bate, J., Bekar, O., & Blom, I. (2018). A Mother, A Baby, and Two Treatment Approaches: Discussing A Switch Case from CBT and Mentalization Perspectives. Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy, 17(4), 328-345.

Thomas Kui, a third year student in the School-Clinical Child Psychology Program, has been selected as a fellow for the SCCAP Leadership Education to Advance Diversity (LEAD) Institute.

American Psychological Association's Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (SCCAP; APA Div. 53) created the Leadership Education to Advance Diversity (LEAD) Institute to foster professional development, networking, and leadership skills for graduate students and early career professionals.  Fellows at the LEAD institute will attend a full-day conference in Miami, Florida, in conjunction with the SCCAP sponsored Miami International Child and Adolescent Mental Health (MICAMH) conference, where invited guest speakers will address topics such as: leadership in the community, cultural sensitivity in practice, tips on publishing, and engaging in media psychology.

Dr. Greta Doctoroff, associate professor of psychology at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, recently published two articles. She co-authored an article in the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology with Dr. Anil Chacko from New York University titled, “Engaging fathers in effective parenting for preschool children using shared book-reading: A randomized controlled trial.”  The study discusses the results of a program developed for the project called Fathers Supporting Success in Preschoolers (FSSP).  Doctoroff also recently published a study in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology that examined how mother-child interactions during a homework-like task related to elementary school children’s reading achievement titled, “Doing homework together: The relation between parenting strategies, child engagement, and achievement."  Read more about Dr. Doctoroff's articles in Faculty News.

Ferkauf alumna and NYU Child Study post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Samantha Busa, co-authored an article published by the Huffington Post on how rhetoric surrounding the military ban affects transgender youth.  The article titled, "What the New Military Ban Says to our Transgender Youth," discusses how systematic discrimination endangers the well being of transgender young people and there families.  Read the article here.

Congratulations to Tiffany Rodriguez, a current fourth-year who was awarded  the  Yeshiva  University Point of Light award recognizing students, faculty, and  alum who exhibit exceptional  strength in their respective areas.

Ms. Rodriguez's award focused on asylum work conducted with Dr. Auerbach  and Dr. Salton of    Yeshiva University. The asylum work included completing  psychological evaluations for those  seeking asylum as well as submitting the  affidavits to immigration court. 

Dr. Tracy Prout, assistant professor of psychology at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, has been busy.

Dr. Prout recorded several interviews with The Austen Riggs Center, a therapeutic community which promotes resilience and self-direction in those with complex psychiatric problems. She spoke about her path to teaching and research, the compelling nature of psychodynamic psychotherapy, her teaching experience, how she became interested in working with children and her impression of Austen Riggs.

New Webinar
Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC serves the needs of children and families facing emotional, behavioral and other psychological challenges. Dr. Prout developed a webinar on the treatment she helped develop for children with externalizing behaviors, called “Regulation-Focused Psychotherapy for Children.”

Resilience, Defense Mechanisms, and Implicit Emotion Regulation in Psychodynamic Child Psychotherapy” in the Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy was co-authored by with three colleagues, one of which is Anthea Malone, a third-year Ferkauf student.

“Why Is It Easier to Get Mad Than It Is to Feel Sad? Pilot Study of Regulation-Focused Psychotherapy for Children” in the American Journal of Psychotherapy was co-authored with six Ferkauf students and graduates and reports results of a pilot study of three participants receiving regulation-focused psychotherapy for children.

Alumni at APA San Francisco 2018

Erin Sadler ('18), Leora Orenbuch ('17), Amanda Poling ('15), & Kimberly Applewhite ('15)

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