Designed to meet the changing needs of health care and social services, the 60-credit Mental Health Counseling program (MA) at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology offers theoretical and applied principles of psychological counseling. Courses are taught by faculty who are recognized experts in their fields.

When New York State revised its scope of practice law several years ago, Ferkauf was the first school in New York City—and one of the first in the state—to take advantage of the new legislation to offer the MA in mental health counseling. The quality and number of applicants to the program have steadily increased, and we are constantly strengthening our course offerings, clinical training and faculty, as well as helping our students to make the all-important transition from training to practice.

A Multitude of Field Placement Options

As a student in this program, you will be required to complete a minimum of 600 hours in supervised field placement before graduation. The program's field placement options span the New York metropolitan area, and many of our long-established community mental health centers, hospitals and agency affiliates are willing to accept our students as externs to fulfill this requirement. We maintain an active directory of field placements (PDF) that is frequently updated. Studying in one of the most diverse cities in the world affords you the opportunity to work with many different communities, and you will have several choices for field-study placements in appropriate agency or hospital settings.

The Mental Health Counseling Program MA Student Handbook (PDF) includes important information regarding academic outlines and requirements, policies and procedures, academic standards, curriculum planner and much more. All students are urged to refer to this handbook continually throughout their education here, as it will be updated whenever necessary.

The Organization of Psychology Students (OPS) is the student organization of Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. Each Ferkauf student is a member of the organization and "dues," called student activity fees, are collected automatically each semester with tuition. These dues constitute the budget of OPS. The purpose of the organization is to provide Ferkauf students with information relevant to their academic and professional careers.

Current OPS Representative: Anoosh Mary Nahikian

The program has been approved by the New York State Education Department as meeting the requirements for licensure-qualifying programs in mental health counseling. Graduates of this program, with required post-graduate experience, and who pass the NCMHCE examination, are eligible for licensure as Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC) in New York State.

Self-observation and self-reflection or mindfulness are core aspects in the training of all professional counselors. The mental health counseling faculty supports this view. Applicants to this program need to be aware that some classes and field placements may require disclosure of personal information in course or program-related activities either in writing or in class discussions.

Students are evaluated both academically and on their interpersonal and emotional functioning in their development as mental health counselors and their ability to acquire and integrate professional standards into their professional behavior and their work with clients.

For more information on the Ferkauf Mental Health Counseling MA program, please read the MA FAQs guide (PDF). You can also contact Michael Gill, program director, at michael.gill@einstein.yu.edu.