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Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology

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Main Psychology Contact Office

Main Psychology Office: 646-592-4520

Dawn Basnight 
Carolyn Murphy
Enna Korik 

Faculty Contact Information:

Lata McGinnProfessor, Director of the Clinical Psychology Program, PsyD 
Carl Auerbach, Professor  
William Arsenio, Professor  
Catherine EubanksAssistant Professor  
Shelly GoldklankAssociate Professor  
Martin RockAssociate Professor  
William Salton, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Clinic Director of the Max and Celia Parnes Family Psychological and Psychoeducational Services Clinic 
Jamie Schumpf,  Clinical Associate Professor
     Director of internship and externship training in the Clinical Psychology Program, PsyD
     Assistant Director of Clinical Training
Anna Van Meter, Assistant Professor  
Kate Walsh, Assistant Professor
Michael Wheaton, Assistant Professor
Richard Zweig, Professor

Orey Brockington, Registration Clerk (Contact: 646-592-4515)
Jeannine Englert, Assistant Registrar (Contact: 646-592-4516)
Dean's Office
Dean Lawrence Siegel 
Contact: 718-430-3941
Patricia Goering
Financial Aid Contact Info
  • Ferkauf Graduate School is considered a part of the Manhattan Campus of YU.  However, if you have any questions or need to speak to a Financial Aid representative, please contact our Resnick (Einstein) campus office:

Office of Student Finance 

Van Etten Buidling, Room 230 
Phone:  718-862-1810
Contact person: Glenny Almonte- Student Aid Counselor- 718-862-1811

Yeshiva University Health Insurance (Academic Health Plans) 

Plan Website: (plan website)
Insurance Company Phone Contact: (855) 856-4198 
University Contact Person: Ellowine Dodd, Risk Management Office        

International Students and Scholars
Jennifer Golden, Director
(212) 960-5480
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Canvas provides a variety of "course support" features including an online curriculum, useful links, course documents of many sorts, communication tools including chat rooms, message boards, and e-mail access to classmates and your professor.
MY YU: access your registration status, class schedule, grades, and personal information.  
The Library
Einstein Library Remote Login
Writing Support: Grammar Guide and Writing Center
Enrollment Verification
Navigating CITI and IRB
  • CITI website
    • Prior to working on a research project, students and faculty must take the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) computer-based training program. This web-based course is a mandated educational requirement for Einstein faculty and staff who participate in human subject research. It must be completed every 5 years online and students are required to submit proof of completion to the Psychology Office.

     IRB website 
    • After the proposal is approved, the student must apply for IRB approval. This can be done through the Integrated Research Information Systems (iRIS) website and students should review the online overview of the IRB process  prior to submitting their proposals.  Students must use their official Ferkauf email addresses to register for both CITI and iRIS and should link these two accounts as CITI training completion is required before IRB submission.  Students can upload documents related to their research project such as the proposal, consent forms, and flyers directly into the iRIS site.  The student's submission requires sign-off by both the Principal Investigator (the student's research advisor) and the Ferkauf representative to the IRB (Dr. Roee Holtzer) which can be requested through the iRIS site. Once the submission is received by the IRB, the student will be notified via Ferkauf email of approval or requests for additional information or revisions. The IRB application must be turned in early enough so that it is approved before the end of the student's fourth year.
      How-to for completion of IRB submission 

Technology Management at Ferkauf

Contact info for computer room or printer problems

Ferkauf computer TAs:  Amina Benkhoukha and Jeffrey Portnoy.

Students should email any questions or issues to their shared TA email at: FerkaufComputerTA@gmail. com

Contact info for classroom equipment or internet connection problems:

Equipment issues: Auxillary Services: (718) 430-3481

Network issues: ITS (718) 430-2331 or email:

Requesting an Accommodation for a Disability:

Scheduling the Oral Defense:
Applying for Graduation & Ordering a Diploma:

Parnes Clinic Information
Contact the Parnes ClinicMarilyn Gotay (718-430-3852)

Important Parnes Information:


Testing Library
Contact the Testing Library

Important Testing LIbrary Information:

Externship Support
Application Resources

Training Resources

Student Governance

Program Representatives

What it is: Program representatives serve as the liaison between faculty and students. They collect student concerns about everything affecting their cohort (i.e. professors, classes, etc) and present these to program administrators in meetings each semester. In turn, they communicate faculty and administrative concerns back to their classmates. They are also afforded the opportunity to participate in and manage group projects benefitting Ferkauf as a whole. 

Application process: These positions are chosen by the faculty in first year. There is no application process-faculty choose together based on who they think will be best for the role. Selected students are informed directly by the existing program representatives. 

Class of 2020: Jun Min KoayKatelyn Zmigrodski

Class of 2019: Neha AgrawalJeffrey LawrenceCaitlyn Tarsia

Class of 2018: Jenna FeldmanLina Perl 

Class of 2017: Rachel RabinowitzElizabeth Ronan

Class of 2016: Eriko NagaoElizabeth PennErica KestenbaumKathryn Davis

Teaching Assistant (TA) positions

What they are: Opportunities to work directly with faculty members in support of their specific classes and/or research. Each TA position is different and may involve administrative tasks, teaching, research, management and more. All formal TA positions are paid. (If you volunteer to help a faculty member with work relating to classes or research, but you do not have a formal position, this is not paid.)

Application process: These positions are chosen by the faculty members. Sometimes a faculty member will reach out to a student directly. Other times he or she will choose from a pool of students who have applied or shown interest. All students interested in TA positions should send their CVs to Dr. McGinn in their first year, specifying which TA positions they are interested in and why. You are also welcome to email faculty members directly to express interest or to find out more about the opportunity. Note: Faculty members are busy and you may not always get a quick reply. Once TAs have been chosen, a form letter will be sent informing everyone who applied. 

Current TAs:

Admissions -- Yana Lechtman
Admissions -- Alexa Meyers
Admissions -- Jorge Alcantar-Heredia
Admissions -- Melissa Rothstein 

Communicate with prospective students to provide aid and assistance.
Arsenio/Cognitive and Aff Bases -- Rachel Duffy
Arsenio/Lifespan Development -- Basha Silver

Assist with student questions, preparing PDFs of class readings, and research projects.
Auerbach/Multicultural Diversity/History and Systems -- Heidi Esterman

Assists in the Multicultural Issues and Diversity course.
Eubanks/Concepts of Psychotherapy -- Danielle Dreher
Eubanks/Cognitive Therapy -- Lauren Sternberg
Eubanks/Psychopathology II -- Joey Sergi

Assist with research tasks and course preparation.
Goldklank/Psychodynamic Program -- Lina Perl

Senior TA for the Psychodynamic Track. Acts as a liaison between psychodynamic supervisors and students, and assists in class preparation.
Goldklank/Psychodynamic Program/Family & Couples Therapy -- Marian Miller

TA for Dr. Goldklank's practica. Acts as a liaison between psychodynamic supervisors and students, and assists in class preparation.
Givner/Testing Library -- Angel Mak

Manages the various components that keep the testing library running, from checking in and checking out various testing instruments, managing the wait-list to keeping the library orderly and supplied with various assessments protocols.
Rock/Psychoanalytic Theory/Interpersonal Therapy -- Julie Rones
Salton/Clinic -- Shira Kafker 

Screens all adult patient referrals, coordinates the adult psychodynamic track, and general administrative monitoring of the Parnes Clinic. 
Salton/Clinic/Evening -- Joo Hwan Shin

Desk Coverage for evening and Friday afternoon hours.
Salton/Clinic/Therapy Outreach -- Marissa Neto

Keeps abreast of the census of all clinic programs, interfaces with community agencies to inform them about the clinic, and answers general information calls about the clinic.
Salton/Clinic Assessment Outreach -- Yana Lechtman

Keeps abreast of testing needs of the second year testing class, screens all perspective testing patients, and do intakes on all accepted testing cases and write the intake reports.
McGinn/Salton/Clinic-CBT -- Shira Kelin
McGinn/Salton/Clinic-CBT -- Catherine Glass

Manage CBT curriculum, coordinate supervision assignments, organize ABCT, check and update clinical program timeline, screen for clients and manage all clinic responsibilities for CBT program.
McGinn/Admissions -- Michelle Chu

Admissions point-person, interface with incoming students and organizing clinical orientation, student database.
McGinn/Clinical Program Coordinator -- Elaina Servidio

Coordinates all incoming and outgoing communication from faculty, students, registrar, TAs; coordinates Dr. McGinn's TAs responsibilities and projects.
McGinn/Database Coordinator -- Michelle Feder

Manages students and alumni database, and data analysis.
McGinn/Faculty Coordinator -- Stephanie Nelson

Interfaces with faculty, faculty database, curriculum planning and registration.
McGinn/Research -- Elaine Lavin

Research point-person, IRB/CCI, grants.
McGinn/Website Coordinator -- Jun Min Koay

Manages Ferkauf Clinical Psy.D. program's website.

Passman/Clinical Interviewing -- Jenna Feldman

Assists in preparing course materials, leads workshops for students, reviews students’ intake reports and provide feedback about clinical writing, and handles various administrative task

Schumpf/Professional Seminar/Clinical Training -- Sara Rothschild
Schumpf/Professional Seminar/Clinical Training -- Kelly Meyering
Schumpf/McGinn/HRSA Grant -- Carly Geller

Act as a liaison between faculty and students, and assist Dr. Schumpf in various tasks.
Van Meter/Lifespan Psychopathology/Integrating Res & Clinical Practice -- Julie Rones

TA for Lifespan Psychopathology and Investigating Clinical Practice and Research
Van Meter/RA -- Neha Agrawal

Project coordinator for youth social media projects.
Van Meter/RA -- Melissa Roed

Project coordinator for Emotion Recognition Modification for Bipolar Disorder study.
Van Meter/RA -- Joey Sergi

Project coordinator for circadian rhythm studies.
Vela/Physiological Psychology -- Kelly Meyering
Walsh/Rodriguez/Assessment -- Nikki Press
Walsh/Rodriguez/Assessment -- Caitlyn Tarsia
Walsh/Rodriguez/Assessment -- Sara Honickman
Walsh/Rodriguez/Assessment -- Lauren Atlas
Walsh/Rodriguez/Assessment -- Neha Agrawal

Run lab sessions for 4-5 first year students that allow hands on exposure to and practice with the WAIS-IV and various other indicators of cognitive functioning.
Walsh/Research -- Caitlyn Tarsia
Walsh/Research -- Katelyn Zmigrodski

Run study participants and assist with data collection, cleaning, and analyzing. Conduct literature searches and assist with conference and manuscript preparation.
Wei/EBT for Children and Adolescents -- Margo Kahn
Wheaton/Statistics -- Jennifer Ho
Wheaton/Data Analysis -- Shira Kafker
Wheaton/Data Analysis -- Michelle Chu
Wheaton/Behavior Therapy -- Jun Min Koay

Assist with student questions, grading, and student projects.
Wheaton/Research -- Jenna Feldman

Assists in participant recruitment and data collection for studies focused on OCD-related disorders.
Zweig/Assessment -- Hannah Guz
Zweig/Assessment -- Christina Papadopoulos

Review/evaluate practice batteries, deliver workshops, mentoring of and liaison with students.
Zweig/Gero -- Jennifer Ho

Oversees geropsychology component of the Parnes Clinic, assist in geropsychology training program, and act as liaison between Program Director and students, faculty, or others.

OPS: Organization of Psychology Students

What it is: The Organization of Psychology Students is a board of elected students representing each of Ferkauf's programs (school, health, adult and the master's program in counseling). They work to improve social and academic student life at Ferkauf.

Being a OPS representative includes:

  • Attending monthly OPS board member meetings
  • Annual meetings with the Ferkauf Board of Directors and the Dean
  • Soliciting feedback from students and meeting with faculty

Members of board have the opportunity to get involved in a number of domains:

  • social/quality-of-life (e.g. socials, midterm and finals food)
  • public relations
  • purchasing
  • alumni relations
  • publication/website
  • literary committee
  • academic activities such as colloquia partnerships with various departments
  • orientation
  • bulletin board
  • research awards/conference grants

The Executive Board of OPS consists of no less than six members. For the masters program there is one representative who serves a one year term. For all of the doctoral programs, there are two representatives who each serve two year terms. Officers are chair and co-chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, social and secretary. There is a stipend for all board members.

Application process: All OPS reps are elected by their fellow students. Each year, the OPS board announces the number of openings for new OPS reps. At that time, students are permitted to "run" by emailing their name, program, year, and a paragraph description of why they are running for OPS representative to This paragraph will go out to students across the clinical program for voting. 

OPS Bylaws 

Contact OPS 

Executive Board Members:

Adult Clinical PsyD Program: Shira KafkerHannah Guz

Clinical Health PhD Program: Jessie SloanCait Sleight

School-Clinical PsyD Program: Laurie SchererMatt Stahl

Mental Health Counseling MA Program: Ramiz Rafailov

Mentors/Mentorship Committee

 What it is: Beginning in second year, each students has the opportunity to serve a mentor, assigned to help one incoming first-year student. Mentors answer questions, offer advice and can meet with their mentees throughout the year. Two mentors from each year are chosen to serve on the mentorship committee, which coordinates the mentorship program. 

Application process: Any student can become a mentor. The mentorship committee will send out an email asking for involvement during your first year. Mentorship committee members are chosen by the mentorship committee based on their own criteria which includes students' level of interest and availability as well as interest in community involvement. Their choice is vetted by Dr. Schumpf.

Mentorship Committee:

Student Mentors for Class 2021: