• Clinical Psychology Health Emphasis Program, PhD

  • Requirements

    Curriculum Plans per Graduation Year:

    2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019 - 2020 

    Required Knowledge Based Upon Graduation
    1. Fundamentals of Normal and Abnormal Behavior—evaluated by exam and paper in Psychopathology and Illness and by case presentations in Behavioral Medicine Practicum I & II
    2. Clinical Skills in Assessment and Treatment—Evaluated by case presentations and written case descriptions in Personality Theory and Assessment, Intellectual and Cognitive Assessment, and presentations and descriptions as well as supervisor evaluations in Behavioral Medicine Practicum, Clerkship Practicum and Internship
    3. Research/Test Construction/Program Evaluation Skills—evaluated by program evaluation project in Clinical Health Psychology I, test construction project in Test Construction, and planning, execution and writing of predoctoral research project and dissertation
    4. Consultation Skills—evaluated by performance in clerkship seminar and feedback from clerkship supervisors
    5. Public Health—evaluated by performance in Survey of Epidemiological Research and by relevance of research and clinical work to public health
    6. Multidisciplinary Health Care Settings—evaluated by success in navigating such settings in the clerkship and by supervisors’ evaluations of such success
    7. Group/Team Skills—evaluated by success in working in research and clinical groups in the clerkship, and by supervisors’ evaluations of such success
    8. Body of Knowledge of Health Psychology—evaluated by exam and paper performance in Clinical Health Psychology I, Behavioral & Social Principles of Public Health, Behavioral Medicine Interventions, Behavioral Medicine Practicum and performance on Comprehensive Doctoral Examination
    9. Fundamentals of Physiology and Disease Processes—evaluated by exam and presentation
    10. Statistical and data analysis skills

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