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                                                      Fall 2020 Opening Plan: Please refer to our latest updates here

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This site provides important information that will help you navigate your return to the Yeshiva University campus. Our team has worked diligently to ensure that 2020–2021 academic year will be a rewarding experience, both online and in-person for all of our YU students, across its campuses. To safeguard your well-being our plans have been developed in strict accordance with the City of New York, New York State, the federal government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).



Undergraduate 2020

In order to check into your residence hall, you are required to have a recent PCR test and present negative results, even if you have antibodies already. Please take this test no more than 7 days before your check in time slot. Negative test results should be sent to  before your arrival to campus. If you receive a positive test result, you should not come to campus until you consult with a medical professional and are cleared by us. 


Any student who is coming to campus, whether they are commuting or living on or near any campus, are required to provide a negative PCR Swab COVID-19 test taken with 7 days before they first return to campus after Sukkot, even if they have antibodies. No student will be allowed on campus without proof of a negative result from that test. Negative test results should be sent to If you receive a positive test result, you should not come to campus until you consult with a medical professional and are cleared by us. 


Students, faculty and staff on campus will all participate, on an ongoing basis, in proactive testing through our COVID-19 Monitoring Program. 


With prior approval, commuting students can park in the Icon lot on the Wilf Campus. Names should be submitted to  for approval. Students will pay Icon directly at discounted rates.  Unfortunately, parking facilities are not available on the Beren campus, but we have compiled a list of local parking lots.

We are currently unable to provide shuttle service between campuses.  Please contact  the YU security office if you need a security guard to accompany you between buildings on campus. 


Acceptable face masks or face coverings must be worn by all students, faculty and staff on campus when in the presence of others and in public settings (e.g., common workspaces, meeting rooms, classrooms, elevators, hallways, etc.). A face mask or face covering is not required if you are working alone in a confined office space. Washable, reusable masks will be provided to students, faculty and staff. Disposable masks may be provided as well, if warranted by the circumstances. Students, faculty and staff may also use their own acceptable face mask or face covering.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to open the Gottesman pool. However, students can once again use the athletic and fitness centers. Hours are reduced and use of the facilities  require advance sign up. Please visit for additional details on hours and safety protocols.

The robust student-led virtual programming that has been taking place since March will continue and expand. The many Zoom activities created by the student councils and clubs will continue and be broadcast on campus. Additionally, we are taking steps to resume certain in-person events, both single sex and coed, in a controlled and measured way, following the University’s guidelines.

Wilf’s Undergraduate Torah Studies (UTS) and Beren’s Office of Spiritual Life will have Chaburot, and additional weekly shiurim will resume both in-person and on Zoom.

Shabbat programming will be similar to what it has been in the past, with a broad range of Torah and social opportunities, but on a smaller scale with smaller group meals and fewer attendees at programming and events. Shabbat guests will be limited to faculty and staff who otherwise interact with students on a regular basis.

On the Wilf campus, there will be various minyanim, and on Beren, Tefilla will take place in the Koch Auditorium to maximize student participation. Unfortunately, our regular Beren campus Shabbat minyan is on hold for the moment.

Students will have the option to sign up to eat Shabbat meals with their friends in various locations on campus, with the maximum group being 50 individuals in one location.

Additionally, kiddush will be pre-packaged for pickup, and Seudah Shlishit will still be free of charge.

Minyanim have resumed on the Wilf campus. Students are required to sign up in advance for minyanim using this form. Minyan protocols will be posted at each location, and all students are expected to follow all the protocols diligently.

At this time, based on the health and safety of those living in our residential facilities, we will not be allowing non-residents to stay in the residence halls over Shabbat, or otherwise.

To minimize student travel off campus and prevent unnecessary exposure to COVID-19, we encourage all students in University housing to remain on campus for Shabbat and the entire weekend. Resident students are currently permitted to leave campus whenever they choose to do so.

However, if you plan to travel outside of New York, you must comply with NYS Travel Advisory guidelines and satisfy all requirements before returning to campus. (Note that the University requires that the negative COVID-19 tests be PCR tests and not antigen or other tests.) Students in University housing cannot quarantine in their rooms following travel and must find their own alternate quarantine accommodations off-campus. 

We are encouraging all students to limit their travel off campus to prevent unnecessary exposure to COVID-19. If you are a student living in on-campus housing, we are reaching out to ask you about your Thanksgiving plans. If you plan to travel outside of New York, you must comply with NYS Travel Advisory guidelines and meet all requirements before returning to campus. (Note that the University requires that the negative COVID-19 tests be PCR tests and not antigen or other tests.) Students in University housing cannot quarantine in their rooms following travel and are required to find alternate quarantine accommodations off-campus. 

We will  have  Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Shabbat programming for students to encourage them to stay on campus for the holiday. Food options will made available to students over the holiday period.  

We do not plan to ban personal travel; however, if you travel outside of New York (whether by plane, train, car or otherwise), you must comply with NYS Travel Advisory guidelines and meet all requirements before returning to campus. (Note that the University requires that the negative COVID-19 tests be PCR tests and not antigen or other tests.) Students in University housing cannot quarantine in their rooms following travel and are required to find alternate quarantine accommodations off-campus. 


We do not have the space to store belongings on campus long-term, but we will work with students who are unable to return to campus to retrieve their possessions. We recommend that they contact their appropriate housing office at or

Academic Questions

Students are permitted to drop a course and have it removed from their academic record, according to the academic calendar for add/drop. The last date to do this is the fourth week of the semester. Drops after that point are considered a course withdrawal and will be graded with a W grade, which bears no student GPA penalty. Students may withdraw from a course until the final deadline which takes place during the 12th week of the semester. After that point and upon completion of the course, a final grade will be given to the student.

At this time, we are evaluating the needs of our students and the uncertain nature of the upcoming semester and will keep the community informed of any revisions to this policy.

We recognize that there may be additional questions regarding visas and travel policies. We are closely monitoring the situation and updates are posted regularly on Student with specific questions are welcome to contact

Classes with an in-person component began on campus October 21. Questions about individual courses should be directed to course faculty.

Social distancing is important for everyone, especially to help protect people who are at higher risk. Everyone on campus must follow social distancing practices and wear face masks or face coverings. Keeping space between you and others is one of the best ways to avoid being exposed to the COVID-19 virus and slowing its spread.

Signage will be placed throughout the campus as required to indicate 6-foot separation, and maximum occupancy of classrooms and conference rooms, and to provide reminders to wash hands and wear face masks or face coverings. Please be mindful of the signs all over campus.

All campus spaces will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis each day, based on CDC and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) protocols and guidelines for disinfection.

Cleaning wipes will be available for those who wish to clean their chairs and desks before sitting down.

We have been doing significant work on the elevators over the past few months. Elevators will be significantly limited in occupancy. The floors will be marked, indicating where people may stand. It is recommended that whenever possible, people use the stairs. Buttons, both inside and outside the cars, will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis each day.

Libraries on both the Wilf and Beren campuses are open for in-person use as follows:

Sunday, noon – 10 p.m.
Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Friday, 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Online accessibility to our libraries will remain in place.
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Housing Questions

Residence Hall Move-In will now be taking place between October 21 and November 1, 2020.

All previously scheduled move-in appointments have been cancelled, and students will need to re-register based on the new move-in dates. Students can register for a move-in time slot on the Yeshiva University Housing Portal [] and must have already completed the Quarantine Survey in order to access the Fall 2020 Move- In Form.

If you are unable to find an available time slot that works with your schedule, you must email your appropriate housing office by 11:59 pm EDT on Sunday, October 18 to make alternative arrangements. Failure to sign up for a move-in time or make alternative arrangements by this date will result in the cancellation of your housing for the upcoming year, as well as a partial refund of 75% of your housing and dining fees.

In order to check into your residence hall, you are required to have a recent PCR test and present negative results, even if you have antibodies already. Please take this test no more than 7 days before your check in time slot. Negative test results should be sent to  before your arrival to campus. If you receive a positive test result, you should not come to campus until you consult with a medical professional and are cleared by us. 


Only one family member or friend may accompany a student during move-in.

If a student in housing needs to quarantine or isolate after moving into the residence hall, they should be in touch with either their Resident Advisor or with a member of the Housing Professional Staff as soon as possible. There are spaces set aside for students who need to quarantine or isolate on both campuses.


Students in Brookdale, 35th Street, or IHP Apartments who are presumed sick with Covid (i.e., have come into contact with an individual who is confirmed sick) will be completing their quarantine in their permanent room assignment, along with their roommate(s), who are also expected to quarantine. If a student in one of these buildings is confirmed sick (has a positive test result), they will be relocated to an isolation floor in 36th Street Residence Halls for the duration of their isolation.

Students in 36th Street Residence Halls who are presumed sick (i.e., have come into contact with an individual who is confirmed sick) will be relocated to an empty room in Brookdale Residence Hall for the duration of their quarantine or until they are confirmed sick. A student in either residence hall who is confirmed sick (has a positive test result) will be relocated to an isolation floor in 36th Street Residence Halls for the duration of their isolation.


Any student who is either presumed or confirmed sick will relocated to a designated floor in Muss Hall.

Note that these plans are subject to change, as the circumstances may warrant.

If you are a roommate with someone who has COVID-19, you will be expected to quarantine as well.

On Wilf: yes, each room will be a single.
On Beren: room occupancy will be as follows:
Brookdale: 3 students per room
35th Street: 1 student per bedroom (2-3 per apartment)
36th Street: 1 student per room
Schottenstein: 1 student per room
251 Lex: 1 student per room (1-2 per apartment)
30 Park: 2 students per apartment

The safety of our students is of utmost concern. We are working in consultation with our medical director and CDC, New York State and New York City guidance on housing. At this point, we are planning for reduced capacity in each of the residence halls for the fall 2020 semester. If there are changes closer to move-in, we will share information as it becomes available.

Students living on campus are required to comply with social distancing and mask wearing when in a room other than their own. Residents are empowered to set boundaries with other residents who may visit their rooms.

Lounge capacity has been significantly reduced in all residence halls, and compliance with space restrictions will be enforced in coordination with Security.

We are highly encouraging social distancing. Rooms in the residence halls do not allow for social distancing for more than the people who are assigned to that room. We are requiring all students to wear face masks/coverings except for when they are in their own room. 

Yes. Food from local kosher eateries can be delivered to the residence halls, as well as groceries. Residents must meet their deliveries in the lobby of each building and bring them to their rooms themselves.

As a result of the new timeline for the opening of the campus, we are further prorating housing fees for the Fall 2020 semester based on the new number of days that students will be in housing. Your account will be credited the difference prior to move in. The Fall 2020 Housing fees are now as follows:

· Beren Campus:

  • 35th Street Residence Hall: $3700 (a $560 deduction)
  • 36th Street Residence Hall: $2860 (a $424 deduction)
  • Brookdale Residence Hall: $2860 (a $424 deduction)
  • Independent Housing (30 Park, 251 Lex): $2860 (a $424 deduction)
  • Schottenstein Residence Hall: $2860 (a $424 deduction)

· Wilf Campus:

  • Morgenstern Hall: $2860 (a $424 deduction)
  • Muss Hall: $2085 (a $309 deduction)
  • Rubin Hall: $2860 (a $424 deduction)

Only students who have paid or made payment arrangements will be permitted to move into the residential facilities.

Our updated refund policy is set forth below. To submit a request to withdraw, please log into the Yeshiva University Housing Portal and complete the Cancellation & Withdrawal Request Form.

· Any student who chooses to withdraw from University Housing by 11:59 pm EDT on Sunday, October 18, 2020 is entitled to a full refund of their housing and dining fees.

· If you choose to withdraw from housing on or after October 19, you will be refunded as follows:

  • 75% if you withdraw before October 28
  • 50% if you withdraw before November 4
  • 25% if you withdraw before November 11

If you do not intend on coming to campus for the Fall 2020 semester, please be sure to cancel your housing prior to 11:59 pm EDT on October 18, 2020. If you do not book a move-in time slot or make alternative arrangements with your Housing Office for your arrival to campus by this date, your housing will be cancelled, and you will only receive a 75% refund.

We are hopeful that some housing will be available for new residents at the start of the spring 2021 semester. Once we get closer to the end of the fall 2020 semester and have a better sense of the health situation, we expect to reopen the housing application and share relevant information with interested students.

Athletics Questions

The safety of our student athletes and coaches is of utmost concern. The athletics department worked in consultation with our medical director, CDC, New York State and New York City guidance as well as with the individual Skyline conferences NCAA to help with our decisions. The guiding principles were:

Is it a contact sport which makes it a higher risk for virus transmission?
Does the sport lend itself to social distancing?
Do players need to share equipment?
Will there be enough time to complete conference competition after following the appropriate return to play protocols?

Women's cross country, men's cross country and golf will participate in regular season competition and Skyline Conference championship play.

Women's soccer, men's soccer, and women's volleyball will not participate in Skyline play but may have some limited competition in the fall after following the NCAA's recommended return to play timeline. We plan to ask the NCAA for additional dates of competition in the spring in order for our student athletes to put together a full season of play.

Women's tennis will compete in Skyline play during the spring.

We are suspending all off-season practice and competition that would normally happen in the fall semester (softball, baseball and men's tennis).

Winter and spring sports may see adjustments as we move closer to those seasons. Updated information will be posted on this page as well as

We are working closely with the University to review recent guidance for international students and will provide updates as available. 

Students can once again use the athletic and fitness centers. However, hours are reduced and use of the facilities will require advance sign up. Please visit for additional details on hours and safety protocols.

Health Questions

All faculty, staff and students must take a PCR test for COVID and present the documented results of a negative test to the University prior to return. The rapid test and the antibody and antigen tests are not acceptable.

Tests can be obtained at a local testing site or urgent care center. For employees on the YU health plans, a local CVS may be a convenient option. You can also find sites at these links:

The documented test results must be provided via email, prior to your return, from your email address, to the appropriate secure email address, which are as follows employees:,  students:

Individuals who are experiencing the following should not take a nasal swab test: recent nasal trauma (broken nose); surgery in the last 4 weeks; active nosebleed; markedly deviated septum; history of chronically blocked nasal passages or a severe bleeding disorder in which one is unable to coagulate blood properly such as in an inherited bleeding disorder like hemophilia or an acquired bleeding disorder like thrombocytopenia/low platelet count. 

If you fit this exemption, you must provide a note from your doctor explaining why you should be exempt from the test.  Email this note, from your email address, to the appropriate secure email address (employees should use, students Once we receive a note from your doctor, you will be exempted from the requirement and can respond “YES” to the question on the screening tool that asks if you have provided a negative test or exemption.  

Everyone who enters the YU campus must complete a daily screening using the University’s screening tool and get their temperature taken. To access the Yeshiva University Screening tool, enter on your mobile device’s browser. Click on the blue arrow on the lower right corner to begin the screening questions.  

The screening tool will provide you with a green screen if you do not have symptoms and have submitted your negative PCR test. Present your green screen and the security guard will take your temperature. 

 If you receive a red screen or your temperature is above 100F you must leave campus and contact your medical professional for further instructions.  You must email  with the written instructions provided by your medical professional and/or a letter clearing you to return to campus. 

Please call 646-592-4311 and someone will be able to re-send a link for you to complete the questions accurately. Please know this is a complicated process, therefore, we urge you to be very careful about answering the questions accurately. 

Only fill in the tool  on days you are scheduled to come to campus. Please fill out the tool on those days even if you know you will get a red light. By filling out the tool consistently it gives us the data we need to use to determine the safety of everyone on campus.  

All visitors to our campuses must comply with the daily symptom screen and temperature check. Visitors who will be on campus for more than 5 days (such as visiting scholars, Roshei Yeshiva or Rabbeim, vendors, contractors, and temporary employees) must also comply with our COVID swab testing requirements, and other requirements that we may implement for our faculty and staff from time to time. Deans, Department Heads and Managers who engage these visitors will be responsible for conveying this policy and enforcing compliance. Instructions on how to securely send test results can be obtained by emailing a request to   Only visitors authorized by the University will be permitted on campus.  Students are not permitted to bring visitors.

We have implemented a proactive COVID-19 Monitoring Program to help identify any positive cases on campus before they spread.  We are currently conducting the testing 2X a week for all students, including those in University housing as well as all student-athletes and all students who will otherwise be on campus. The frequency may change as warranted. The process requires a quick one-time registration and then scheduling an appointment.

Compliance with the COVID-19 Monitoring Program is mandatory for all students who are coming to campus.  Please register for testing on the Beren campus here; and on the Wilf campus here.

Faculty and staff on campus are also participating in this COVID-19 Monitoring Program.

Exposure to someone who has tested positive or has a COVID-19 diagnosis, if the exposure is from less than 6 feet (with or without a mask) for 15 minutes or more in a 24-hour period, does require quarantining for 14 days. Less than that amount of exposure does not require quarantining. Exposure to someone who was exposed to someone who has tested positive does not require quarantining. If you are in University housing, please contact your Resident Advisor if you need to quarantine.

You must comply with the quarantine requirements of NY State. (Note that the University requires that the negative COVID-19 tests be PCR tests and not antigen or other tests.) You may not come to campus during the period you are required to quarantine. Please visit the NY Travel Advisory guidelines for additional information.  


The traveler has to quarantine as required with the NYS Travel Advisory guidelines, which, among other things, requires the traveler to have  their own room with a door to close and their own bathroom, and practice social distancing from the rest of the household.  If the household is practicing these protocols, you do not have to quarantine, and you can answer NO to the question about being exposed to COVID-19 on the daily screening tool.

We currently do not require another test.  Please send a copy of your quarantine or isolation order with the dates, from your email address to the appropriate secure email address: from employees, from students  When the isolation period is over you may return to campus.

We are working with our medical director on quarantine and isolation policies, based on the most recent guidance from CDC, New York State and New York City guidelines. Quarantine rooms in housing will be made available as needed for students who are residing in university housing. We will not be able to accommodate quarantine needs of students who are residing outside of YU's housing program.

Contact tracing will be conducted in cooperation with NY State.  If we know that you were exposed to someone with COVID-19 you will be alerted by either NY State or someone from the YU COVID team. Please remember our goal is to keep everyone as safe as possible which is why we are partnering with NYS to conduct contact tracing.  

The key to slowing the spread of COVID-19 is to continue to practice social distancing and wear a mask at all times on campus and whenever you are less than 6-feet from others. Also, please remember to wash your hands often with soap and water and use hand sanitizer when necessary.  


Absolutely!  Since the symptoms of flu and Covid-19 overlap it is more important than ever that everyone receive the flu vaccine. It is covered under YU insurance and most insurance policies cover it.  

Contingency planning is in place to quickly respond to any potential COVID-19 outbreaks on campus. To manage and contain the situation, protocols from New York City and New York State will be strictly adhered to.

HR Questions

Employees whose health condition falls within one of the CDC High Risk Categories or who have a directive to self-quarantine may seek a Temporary COVID-19 Workplace Adjustment by contacting the Benefits Office at 646-592-4339 or by emailing

Employees who are too ill to work remotely should contact the Benefits Office about taking a leave of absence.

YU will not permit the presence of children in the workplace for other than approved YU programs or activities that involve children in education or research. Employees are expected to make arrangements for proper childcare while at work.

YU will phase in a return of all staff over time in a coordinated process to ensure appropriate social distancing. On-site staffing will be assessed based on mission-critical operations, necessity for access to on-site resources or attention to student services, and our ability to control and manage specific work environments. On-site staffing will be communicated to all department members through their respective dean or department head.

It is likely that in order to meet social distancing and density requirements, it will be necessary to reduce the number of people on campus for some time. Individuals and departments that can continue to effectively work remotely will continue to do so until restrictions are eased, and safety and health permit a return to campus. One way to limit the number of individuals and interactions among those on campus may be to schedule partial staffing on alternating days. Such schedules will help enable social distancing, especially in areas with large common workspaces. Other options include staggering reporting and departing to reduce traffic in common areas to meet social distancing requirements.

Expanding on-campus staffing will be tightly controlled and coordinated to mitigate potential risks and ensure the safety of faculty, staff and students. Please consult with your Dean or Department Head to determine the first date that you are expected to return to campus.

Staff who work on campus must follow University policies and protocols. As staffing on-site increases and operations expand, YU will closely monitor and assess the potential spread of the virus as well as existing policies and procedures to mitigate it. If localized outbreaks emerge, tighter restrictions and reduced staffing may need to be implemented again in accordance with state and city authorities and YU’s own decisions. Further information will be provided by your dean or department head.

Dining Services

Dining halls on Wilf and Beren campuses  are open seven days a week. NYC is currently permitting indoor dining up to a maximum of 50 people per room and subject to 6 feet of social distance between diners. Students must sign in prior to entering the dining area and must wear a mask at all times when not sitting and eating. Tables and chairs cannot be moved. Maximum stay is 30 minutes.  No outside food may be brought into the dining hall. Outdoor eating spaces is also available on the Wilf campus. 

Students who are commuting will have access to the cafeteria and can put money on their Caf cards. Dining halls at the Wilf and Beren campuses are open seven days a week.

We are still offering varied food options, however, we will no longer offer buffets and certain other foods. There is a wide variety of pre-wrapped “grab and go” items to choose from.

Markings  and directional arrows have been placed on the floor as reminders to stay 6 feet apart.  Additional sanitizer dispensers and disinfecting wipe containers have been added as well. Plasticware is wrapped and a variety of condiments are prepackaged.

Tables are being cleaned  and sanitized throughout the day. Food is being packaged in take-out style containers for sanitary reasons.  Students are strongly encouraged to clean up after themselves. Sanitizing wipes have been made available for those who wish to clean their personal space.

Dining services are open seven days a week, with  Shabbat meals available as smaller group meals for those who sign up.  Additionally, local restaurants are open near both campuses. A full program of meals and activities on campus are planned for Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Shabbat.


YU encourages virtual gatherings via Zoom and MS Teams in order to minimize the risks of COVID-19. However, some in-person, indoor and outdoor events may be able to resume with a measured and controlled approach. 

  1. The maximum number of in-person events on each campus is three per day (spaced over the course of the day) to ensure proper cleaning. 
  2. All events are required to have a virtual component (when possible) for individuals who may not be able to attend. To the extent possible, the newly-upgraded classrooms, that have the needed technology installed and are pre-set for social distancing, will be used. 
  3. YU's code of behavior requires proper face coverings for everyone, social distancing of six feet apart, and regular washing of hands (sanitizing) at all in-person events.  All provisions of the code of behavior and other YU policies must be complied with by all attendees. 
  4. In-person events will be limited to 25% capacity of the space, or up to 50 people (whichever is less). 
  5. The University is currently closed to the public. Only University students, staff and faculty are allowed to attend in-person events on campus. 
  6. Event organizers must maintain an attendance list (to be sent to The Events Office immediately after the event) and utilize an RSVP system to ensure attendance caps are maintained. The RSVP form must ask for First Name, Last Name, affiliation (faculty, staff, or student), YU email address, and phone number which will also be used if there is a need to contact trace. 
  7. If an outside speaker attends, like all others coming to campus, they will be required to undergo a temperature check and complete our self-monitoring health screening at the Security desk. The event organizer should make sure the speaker is aware of our requirements and inform us prior to the event if they will not be able to pass the screening. The speaker will also have to sign a COVID-19 waiver. 
  8. All events must have a check-in process to record attendees, pre-registered or not. 
  9. Food (including drinks and snacks) is not permitted at indoor events; Shabbat meals, organized by YU, are the only exception. Food at outside events may be permitted on a case-by-case basis. 
  10. No tabling will be permitted.  
  11. The Events Office will assign the event space, and participants are not allowed to move furniture or other items in the space.  
  12. Singing events will not be permitted except on a case-by-case basis. 
  13. 25Live has updated capacities and availability for all other classrooms and event spaces.  

WILF's upgraded classrooms include FH213 with 19 seats; FH214 with 19 seats; FH313 with 17 seats; and BH211 with 14 seats. 

BEREN's upgraded classrooms include Yagoda Commons with 30 seats; 215Lex Rm208 with 17 seats; 245Lex Rm418 with 20 seats; and 245Lex Rm518 with 20 seats. 


Yes, all labs and common areas are being cleaned and disinfected as per the CDC and OSHA guidelines.

Please consult your Dean or Program Director for further guidance. 

Assistance will be provided. Please consult your Dean or Program Director.

This is currently being evaluated by the University administration in conjunction with the NY Governor and NYC Mayor, and we will advise accordingly. Please monitor your emails and check for information.


YU is complying with Governor Cuomo’s directives about working remotely and avoiding gatherings. We also have a University policy to minimize the spread of COVID:  

Many of our staff can work remotely, and we are providing training and resources for individuals whose jobs can be performed in this manner, information for which can be found on Inside Track:  

However, there are positions on campus that require an in-person presence to best serve our students.  Each department head has carefully balanced the health and safety concerns of our employees and students with the need to have a presence on campus.  In some cases, it will be necessary to return to a normal workweek; in other cases, departments will arrange shifts or scheduling to minimize density while still having an on-campus presence.  Many employees will have hybrid schedules, some days on campus and some remote.

We have identified a small group of essential employees who continue to come to campus. Only employees who have been designated as essential may come to campus. While on campus, employees should minimize group contact and adhere to the Policy to Minimize the Spread of COVID-19:

The University will continue to cover employees who are on the YU Aetna or Oxford plans, subject to the terms of such plans.

If you are a member of the union, please confer with your union leadership about continued health coverage.

Health insurance plans, including Yeshiva University’s Aetna and Oxford plans, are waiving co-pays for the testing of patients who meet the CDC guidelines and for tele-medicine visits for patients who wish to avoid visits to physician offices. Contact your health insurance plan for more information.

The University provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which offers free confidential counseling. For more information, please call 888-628-4824.

In addition, your health insurance plan may have mental health support services. Please contact your carrier or look on their website.

The Payroll office is continuing to cut and mail paper checks. We strongly encourage you to consider direct deposit, which is the safest and fastest way to get paid. Contact the Payroll office to sign up for Direct Deposit of your checks.

Employees who are sick or under a doctor- or government-ordered quarantine due to COVID-19 will be entitled to paid leave in accordance with New York State’s Executive Order. Thereafter, if they are still unable to work, they may use either sick or vacation time until they are cleared to return to work. 

If you have questions about paid time off, please contact the Human Resources Office. 

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