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Adam Zachary Newton

Adam Zachary

Ronald P. Stanton Chair in Literature and Humanities
Professor Emeritus
BA, Haverford College,
MA, San Francisco State University,
PhD, Harvard University,
Dr. Adam Zachary Newton is University Professor and Ronald P. Stanton Chair in Literature and the Humanities at Yeshiva University and former chair of the Yeshiva College English department. He did his graduate work in literature and philosophy at Harvard University, and in addition to his many articles, essays, and plenary talks, has published five books under the general rubric of the ethics of reading in the areas of Narrative Theory, American Studies, Modern Jewish Thought, Comparative Literature, and Jewish Studies. He is now at work on a sixth monograph on the subject of Jewish Studies and the academic Humanities.
Teaching: The Novel in various national literatures; Modern Jewish writers; Poetics and Ethical Criticism; Individual authors, e.g., Joseph Conrad, Melville and Ellison, Bruno Schulz. Recent undergraduate courses include "Imagined Communities and Narrative Worldmaking: From the Pequod to the Tsimtsum"; recent graduate courses are "The Question of Language for Modern Jewish Thought" and "The (Evolving) Practice of Jewish Studies: Ideas and Methods" (at Emory University). Research: The Ethics of Reading; Narrative Poetics; Levinas and Modern Jewish Thought; Academic Jewish Studies in the Humanities; Midrash and Aggadah; Central European writers. Recent Conference Presentations: "After Reading: Darger, Inman, and Narration Terminable/Interminable"; "Leger(e)demain:Reading and the Restless Hand"; "’D'une conversation surprise dans le métro’: Voice, Anecdote, and Reading Levinas's 'Difficult Freedom'”; “'An Extreme Attention to the Real': The September 11th Memorial, Pascal’s Postmortem, and the Ethics of Reading"; “Riding the 'Neighbor' Metaphor: Jewish Studies as Event”; “Stains, Plots, and the Neighbor Thing: Blacks, Jews, and Philip Roth’s Readers” ; One’s Own, the Foreign, and the Sacred: Language and its Polytones in Scholem, Rosenzweig, and 'Dewey Cox'"
Accolades include the Perkins Prize of the Society for the Study of Narrative Literature, Thomas J. Wilson Prize of Harvard University Press, Katherine Ross Richards Centennial Teaching Fellowship, Ransom Fellowship for Teaching Exchange at Sorbonne Nouvelle Université de Paris III, ACLS Fellowship, Andrew Mellon Fellowship.
Books: Narrative Ethics_ (Harvard UP, 1995), _Facing Black and Jew: Literature as Public Space in 20th Century America_ (Cambridge UP, 1998), _The Fence and the Neighbor: Emmanuel Levinas, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, and Israel Among the Nations_ (SUNY Press, 2001), _The Elsewhere: On Belonging at a Near Distance_ (University of Wisconsin Press, 2005), _To Make the Hands Impure": Art, Ethical Adventure, the Difficult, and the Holy_ (Fordham UP, 2014), _Jewish Studies as Counterlife: A Report to the Academy__ (Fordham UP, 2017). Articles: Recent essays include “'Beneficent Incision': Midrash and the Contemporary Critical Moment" in _Marginalia Review_; "Leger(e)demain: Reading and the Restless Hand" in_Arcadia_; “Jews on America’s Racial Map” in _The Cambridge History of Jewish American Literature_ and “Jews, Blacks, and the Neighbor Thing: Philip Roth and His Readers” in the volume _Race, Color, Identity: Rethinking Discourses about "Jews"_. For a more comprehensive profile, see Prof. Newton's webpage at https://yeshiva.academia.edu/AdamZacharyNewton
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