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My work at Yeshiva University, under the supervision of Professor Marian Gidea, has focused on the perturbation of mechanical systems. If a small perturbation is applied to a swinging pendulum or a rotating arm, how does the motion of such a device change? The goal of my dissertation has been to mathematically describe this behavior. Although my work is highly abstract, the hope is to apply such results to the movement of satellites or small rockets as they maneuver through space.

While at Yeshiva University, I have taught classes in calculus, linear algebra and probability theory. My teaching philosophy is simple: present the material as clearly as possible with a balance of theory and examples. The best way to learn math is by doing it. So I always have work for my students, whether it be completing homework assignments or preparing for a quiz or exam. I make sure to provide time to meet with my students individually, as I believe that personal guidance and tutoring is a key component of the learning process. 


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