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Ferkauf-Silverstein Chair in School Psychology
Professor, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology
Director of the School-Clinical Child Psychology Program, PsyD
PhD, Yeshiva University, 1971
MS, Yeshiva University, 1969
BA, Brooklyn College, 1966
Dr. Abraham Givner is a licensed psychologist in New York and New Jersey, a certified school psychologist in New York and a nationally certified school psychologist. He is on the Advisory Committee to New York City Department of Education’s Psychologist-in-Training Program. He is a founding member and the treasurer for the Consortium of Combined-Integrated Doctoral Programs in Psychology. He leads the New York New Jersey Association of Directors of Training
His research focuses on issues related to combined graduate training models, professional research models and, most recently, to the relationship of spirituality, religiosity on psychological factors. He has directed an almost decade-long training grant funded by the Beker family to provide school psychological services to community day schools
Resnick campus - Rousso Building

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Summer 2018
Comps Examination I
PSA 8000
Summer 2018
Comps Examination II
PSA 8001
Summer 2018
Comps Examination III
PSA 8002
Spring 2018
Bil Sch Clin Chld Externship I
PSS 8949
Spring 2018
Research Project I
PSS 6915
Spring 2018
Research Project II
PSS 6916
Spring 2018
Rsrch Lab: Applied Research
PSS 6506
Spring 2018
Rsrch Lab: Grad Trning in Schl
PSS 6504
Spring 2018
Sch Clin Chld Doct Intern II
PSS 8942A
Spring 2018
Sch Clin Chld Externship IV
PSS 8946A