Faculty Directory
Lisa Chalik


Assistant Professor of Psychology

PhD, New York University, 2016
Master of Arts, New York University, 2014
Bachelor of Arts, Rutgers University, 2009

Lisa Chalik is the director of the Developing Minds Lab at Stern College For Women. Her research focuses on the abstract theories that children build and rely upon as they navigate the social world. She explores how children learn to organize the people around them into social categories, and how they make inferences about people on the basis of social category membership. She also studies the implications of social categorization for moral evaluation.

For a full list of publications, visit: http://www.developingmindslab.com/publications/.


215 Lexington Ave, rm. 404
New York, NY 10016


To request an interview, please contact Media Relations at 212-960-5400 x5488 or publicaffairs@yu.edu

Fall 2018
Cognitive and Social Development of the Child
PSYC 1110

Fall 2018
Introductory Psychology
PSYC 1010H