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    How do I obtain my Dining Club Card?
    Upon arrival at the Yeshiva University Wilf or Beren Campus and after financial clearance, incoming students have their photos taken during orientation sessions and pick up their Student ID card (which also serves as the Dining Club Card) from the Department of Safety and Security.

    What happens if my Dining Club card is lost or stolen?
    You should report a lost or stolen card immediately to the Department of Safety and Security and the Department of Dining Services. The card will be deactivated for your protection and you can request a new card. 

    What if my Dining Club Card is not working?
    It may happen that your Dining Club Card cannot be read by the electronic scanners. There can be a variety of reasons for this. Most often it is because the magnetic strip on the back of the card has been damaged or the data encoded on the strip becomes scrambled. To prevent damage, it is recommended that you keep the card away from magnets, stereos, televisions, and computers. The Dining Club Card should be returned to the Department of Safety and Security immediately so that it can be re-encoded.

    I just got a new Dining Club Card and it is not working - what do I do?
    Your new Dining Club Card may take 24 hours to update in the Department of Dining Service's system. If your new card still does not work -- please contact any one of our Department of Dining Service managers for assistance.

    Can I transfer money from a sibling's card to my account?
    No, the Dining Club card funds are non-transferable.

    Can I give a student my Dining Club Card to Dining Club Card to use?

    No, the Dining Club card funds are non-transferable and can only be used for purchases by the person whose name is on the card.

    When are the meal plan funds added to the Dining Club card?
    The funds are added so you can begin using the card on Orientation Day

    Are balances carried over from semester to semester?
    Dining Club account balances are carried over from the Fall Semester to the Spring Semester. Dining Club account balances are not carried over at the end of the Spring Semester. Any balance must be used by midnight of the day the dormitories close for the spring semester.

    Can I use my Dining Card before the Fall Semester, June Z'man or during the summer semester?
    Only voluntary meal plan funds are available for use during these time periods. The mandatory meal plan funds are for use only from the Fall to the Spring Semester.

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