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    Please fill out all fields. In order to create the page, the web team will need as much information as possible, including page copy. Please be as specific as possible, and please note that it typically takes 7-14 days for us to process a request.



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     If the page needs to be listed in the navigation, please specify exactly where the content goes

     Navigation Information Example


    Please see the graphic below.  If the CDC wanted to add a new page called Tutorials under the Student menu, after YUCareer Link, they would put the following information in the form.

    Name of Navigation Label:  Tutorials
    Location in Navigation: /CDC/Students/ (after YUCareerLink)
     Nav Asset Example 
    Name of Navigation Label:  
     Location in Navigation:  (ie.  /CDC/Students/  - after YUCareerLink)
    Otherwise, please provide the link to the page that will link to your new page.

    If you have images which you wish to include in your page, please upload them via the CMS Library and reference their location here:

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