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  • YU Online Strategy Questionnaire

    Please complete the following questions and hit “Submit Survey” when you are done. All questions are required. CPA will review your answers and get back to you shortly.


    *1. Who is (are) your audience(s)? Please provide demographics and a brief description.



    *2. What are the top 3 goals of your audience for the site?



    *3. What are the goals of the students enrolling (please disregard if you represent a
    YU office or department)?



    *4. What do you want users to do on your site?


    *5. How does your website fit into your promotional efforts or daily business routine
    (how do you use the site as a tool in your broader efforts)?



    *6. Identify 5 key performance indicators throughout your site and attach a value to



    *7. What are the most common complaints you get about the current website or content you have
    online? From whom (e.g., students)?



    *8. What are the three most common questions your students/constituents ask you
    (online or off)?



    *9. What has gotten you the best response? What content on your site has attracted
    the most compliments/appreciation/results?



    *10. Do you have any content that’s not already on the site that you think should be



    *11. Is there content you know you’d like added to the site that hasn’t been created yet?



    *12. Are there awards, publications or appearances we can include on the site to help
    build or increase credibility/interest?


    *13. Who are your competitors? Please provide their website.



    *14. What plans do you have over the next 6 months to 2 years that we should know
    about as we develop the content strategy for your site?



    *15. Would you be interested in receiving monthly reports on your web traffic?



    *16. If the site is successful beyond your wildest dreams, what would that look like?


    *17. Is there anything we’ve missed that you want to add?



      *18. Please provide your name.  



    *19. Please provide your email address. 




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