YU Israel

Our Yeshiva University S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program team is working closely with our YU affiliate schools to provide our students with comprehensive services to ensure a successful and complete semester. We are in constant contact with our affiliate school administrators who are working tirelessly to meet these unforeseen challenges and to resolve emerging issues as conditions evolve and to develop a strategy for the longer term. It is important to note that in this time of crisis, schools have assured us that they have accounted for all enrolled students, including those who returned home and those staying with family or friends in Israel, as well as providing for those who have remained at their Israel school campus.

Even though YU affiliated schools may not have physically reopened their doors for instruction following Passover, they have transitioned their instruction to an online platform. In preparation, YU worked closely with each affiliate to create a curricular plan to accommodate their students. In light of this exceptional situation, all schools have developed a distance learning educational framework comparable to regular classroom design. Classes and shiurim will require attendance and active participation of students even from a distance. This model will ensure that all students have the ability to fulfill all of the academic requirements necessary to earn credit for the semester.

All relevant offices are preparing for a variety of scenarios in order to facilitate Fall registration for entering students. All students will be provided with comprehensive guidance to register virtually. Students will also have the opportunity to meet individually with academic advisors and deans and will be able to complete the registration process with their Fall class program approved.