CollegeNOW Admissions and Tuition


Through the generous support of the AVI CHAI Foundation, tuition for the following Yeshiva University CollegeNOW courses is $500/course (compared with average standard tuition of $3,000/course):

  • JPH 1131 Introduction to Jewish Philosophy
  • JUDS 1491 Interpersonal Relationships
  • JHI 1521S Jews in Medieval Spain

Tuition for PSY 1010 Introduction to Psychology is $540/credit ($1620/course).

All CollegeNOW courses carry 3 college credits.


Students who wish to register for CollegeNOW must be high school juniors or seniors. Students must complete a brief online application and submit a copy of their high school transcripts prior to registering for courses.

To Apply
We are no longer accepting applications for the Spring 2018 semester.