We highly encourage all engaged and recently married couples to participate in the SHALOM Workshop. The workshop is designed to help couples develop a deeper self-awareness and teach them practical tools to build a happy, successful and long-lasting marriage. In just a few meetings the couple will learn how to: 

  • Increase understanding and sensitivity to each others feelings
  • Communicate through a sense of mutual respect
  • Promote self confidence in each other
  • Manage their finances  


Rabbi Eric Goldman LMSW, offers the SHALOM Workshops in Washington Heights. Please take advantage of this wonderful resource by contacting Rabbi Goldman at egoldman@yu.edu to set up an appointment.


Mindy Eisenman, YUConnects Staff Connector offers the SHALOM Workshps in Washington Heights or Monsey, NY. Please take advantage of this wonderful resource by contacting Mindy at meisenma@yu.edu to set up an appointment.

Visit Shalomworkshop.org to see where and when workshops are offered throughout the New York area.