Why is YUConnects unique?

YUConnects features four components:

  • Conducts educational studies and develops programs that foster healthy meeting opportunities and relationships toward marriage.
  • Social activities and events that provide fun and interactive opportunities to connect with one another.
  • An on-line matchmaking site for members to get to know their connectors and be matched up with appropriate singles among the thousands of members already in the database.
  • One-on-one support from connectors trained in the area of relationship building.Our connectors will forge relationships with members to facilitate their introduction to other compatible people. Connectors will be present at events, available to meet with members individually, and conduct searches on our on-line system.

Being a YUConnects member maintains your connection with the greater YU family.

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Who can join the YUConnects on-line site?

YUConnects is available to undergraduate students and alumni of Yeshiva College, Stern College, and Sy Syms. YUConnects is also available to non-YU students and alumni..

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Can Non-Members attend YUConnects events?

Some events are exclusively for members or YU/Stern undergraduates or alumni while other events are open to non-members and non-YU undergraduates and alumni as well, so please continue visiting www.yu.edu/cjf/yu-connects for upcoming events.

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What is your relationship with SawYouAtSinai?

Our database is powered by SawYouAtSinai (SYAS). We are working in partnership with SYAS to provide a personalized service with the benefits of premier technology and maximum efficiency.

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What are my options when joining the YUConnects on-line system?

Members can select Basic or Gold membership:

  • Basic members are able to post their profiles in the database and be matched up with gold members. Basic members can choose to upgrade their membership to gold if they want to accept a match or other matches of gold members. Basic membership is free of charge.
  • Gold members are able to post their profiles and select a connector who will develop a relationship with them. Connectors will conduct on-line searches for their gold members to identify potential matches. Gold members pay between $12.95 and $19.95 each month depending on how many months they purchase.


Undergraduate members are automatically free Gold members. Alumni or Non-YU students can join as Gold or Basic members.
On YUConnects, members have the option of being viewable solely by YUConnectors and/or SYAS matchmakers as well. Opening your profile to SYAS matchmakers may increase the number of suggested matches you receive. There is a third option of being private to your two connectors which means that they are the only ones that can see your profile and send you matches. For more information about the privacy option, please email yuconnects@yu.edu

To learn more about the on-line system, please visit the ''member tips'' section on the on-line matchmaking site.

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I am a Gold member of SYAS, do I have to pay to become a member of YUConnects?

No, you can choose to transfer your profile information to YUConnects on our member sign-up page or by emailing support@sawyouatsinai.com.

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Why should I switch my profile from SYAS to YUConnects?

Members of YUConnects want to be affiliated with Yeshiva University, thus a closer knit group of members. With YUConnects you have the option of still being viewable to SYAS Matchmakers with the added bonus of having a personal YUConnects connector. Many of our connectors are available to meet face-to-face with members.

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Will profiles be sent through YUConnects?

YUConnectors are committed to developing a relationship with members to assist them in suggesting on-target matches. Similar to the SYAS system, on YUConnects, profiles will be sent via e-mail.
If you receive a match you wish to decline, we encourage you to take this as an opportunity to communicate with your connector (or SYAS matchmaker) to help them learn more about you, your preferences, and your desired potential matches.

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If I do not register as a YUConnects member can I still receive emails about upcoming events?

Sure. Just email yuconnects@yu.edu to be added to our mailing list.

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Is there a charge for a Yeshiva University undergraduate student to become a member?

Currently, the charge for YU/Stern undergraduate students to become Gold members is $100 per year.

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Should I sign up if I do not live in the Tri-State Area?

Most of our events are take place in the Tri-State Area, however some events take place in other communities as well.
Regardless of place of residence, joining and becoming a YUConnects on-line member will enable our connectors to get to know you and suggest matches to you. Some of our connectors and many of our members are located outside of the Tri-State area.

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Do you have any other questions?

Please email yuconnects@yu.edu or call our office at 212-960-5400 x 6163.

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