CJF Missions: Direct Engagement in Global Communities

2018 Winter Missions
Jewish Life Coast to Coast: The Midwest Experience

Experiential Learning Mission  
January 10-17, 2018

Trip Description: Travel to Kansas City, Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and Columbus to take part in learning about both thriving and striving Jewish communities in the Midwest. Explore the rich history of Midwest Jewry while joining fellow students for a family-style road trip. Meet with community professionals, synagogues, educators, teens, and innovators in Jewish Education and spend time touring these historic cities.

Past Missions

2014 Winter Missions

Jewish Life Coast to Coast: The East Coast Experience
Experiential Learning Mission  
January 11-18, 2014

Trip Description: Travel to Baltimore, Richmond, Charleston and Atlanta to discover and learn about the vast, innovative landscape of Jewish education, communal leadership and synagogue life in these areas. Along the way, you’ll meet rabbis, educators, and communal leaders who will inspire you to make a difference in your own communities. 

Service Mission to Haiti

Service Mission
In conjunction with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
January 11- 18, 2014

 Trip Description: Each day of this service trip will include volunteer work and/or activities dedicated to learning about Haiti’s history, development needs, and the way the country is still rebuilding after the massive earthquake which destroyed much of Port Au Prince, Haiti in January 2010. Participants will learn about the needs of the Haitians through an exchange with professionals and peers, and through Jewish service learning and reflection. 

Hands On NY

Experiential Learning Mission
January 12-16, 2014

Trip Description: Interested in staying in NY this winter but want to spend time volunteering locally? Then this program is for you. Join other YU students to volunteer in our own community of New York. The group will participate in a variety of hands on service projects as well as take part in interactive sessions and programs, which celebrate the importance of local volunteer opportunities and organizations.

2012 Missions in the News

Israel trip explores Judaism and social justice

Local YU students visit prisons, schools, and low-income areas

Spurred on in part by last summer’s protests in the United States and Israel, 40 college students spent part of their semester break exploring Jewish social justice in Israel. The Yeshiva University students participated in two eight-day experiential education programs beginning Jan. 15. They visited prisons, schools, and kibbutzim and met with Supreme Court judges and religious, governmental, and social action leaders. Read full article on New Jersey Jewish News.

Reframing the dialogue

 YU students in Israel to examine social justice issues
 A group of Yeshiva University students landed at Ben-Gurion Airport in mid-January and went to prison, then went on to a halfway house for former convicts. Clearly, this was not the usual college semester-break trip.The 15 men and 15 women were on an eight-day experiential program in Israel, “Tzedek and Tzedaka,” offered by the university’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) to explore the concepts of justice and social justice in a modern democratic Jewish state. Read full article on New Jersey Jewish Standard.

OHDS students get schooled on Jewish view of social protest

What does political upheaval look like when viewed through a Jewish lens? Does protest carry particular responsibilities and prohibitions for the observant Jew? And how do the Torah and the commentaries help shape social consciousness?

Students from Yeshiva University, the flagship school of the Modern Orthodox movement in New York City, brought these kinds of thought-provoking questions to seventh- and eighth-graders at Oakland Hebrew Day School Jan. 17 and then worked with them to hash out answers, framed by the events of the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street movements. Read full article on jWeekly.com

For YU students, close-up looks at social issues in Israel

In a year of upheaval for both the American and Israeli Jewish communities, 2011 saw Occupy Wall Street and the tent protests on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard pushing social issues to the forefront of discussion in the media and at the family dinner table. From Jan. 15 to Jan. 23, Yeshiva University (YU) sent two groups of student volunteers from New York to Israel, 40 people in total, on a mission to participate in solving the problems currently affecting the Jewish homeland. Read full article on The Canadian Jewish News  

YU Students Talk Tachlis about Social Justice

Tucked away in an office in South Tel Aviv, a group of unlikely bedfellows engaged in some weighty conversation. Stav Shafir, one of the most prominent leaders of the social protest movement that shook up Israel this past summer, and a group of Stern College for Women students of Yeshiva University in New York, talked tachlis about social justice. “This wasn’t a protest just about housing – housing was the symbol for all of our social services,” explained the 26-year-old Shafir as she delved into the issues that prompted hundreds of thousands of Israelis of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities to demonstrate for a more just society. Read full article on eJewish Philanthropy