Avodat Hakodesh Evening

Avodat Hakodehs 2015The Office of Student Life, together with members of the Al Pi Darko Society for Future Jewish Educators presents the annual Avodat Hakodesh evening. This evening is to dedicated to create a platform for YU and Stern students to learn from exceptional professionals in the field of Jewish education and Jewish community service work. This forum has carefully fashioned panels and lectures addressing fundamental issues in education, professional training and development and the unique needs of the Jewish community.  The experts in these fields have volunteered their time to impart wisdom and knowledge from years of experience. This evening is also an opportunity for students returning from the experiential and service learning missions to take these experiences and discover various ways to engage in a meaningful and inspired life involved in the Jewish community.

  For more information, please contact Lauren Elefant or 646.592.4145


 Medical Ethics Society: Promoting Education & Awareness

The Yeshiva University Student Medical Ethics Society (MES) is a student-run organization under CJF's guidance whose goal is to promote education and awareness of medical ethics at YU. In addition to the many events held on campus throughout the year, MES's annual conference, attracts  students, faculty, alumni and guests and featured prominent experts in medicine, mental health and Halacha [Jewish law]. The conference is organized in conjunction with the CJF.