Education, Networking, Job Placement and More

Yeshiva University's Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) is committed to providing continuing education and support to the rabbinic family--the rabbis and rebbetzins serving communities around the country and the world.

The camaraderie of rabbinic colleagues and friends, along with the sharing of resources and the continuation of training and learning, affords rabbis and rebbetzins a crucial support system, both physically and virtually, as they shape and lead our communities and future.

Conferences: Bringing Rabbis Together

Legacy Heritage Fund Distinguished Rabbinic Fellowship

This two-year experience offers a holistic continuing education and support experience for an elite rabbinic cohort composed of 30 rabbis. Each year will feature three programs:

  • Two exclusive Yarchei Kallah led by Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter, one before Pesach and one before the Yamim Noraim, to provide the rabbis with tools and skills to develop their professional and personal growth
  • One annual Executive Rabbinic Seminar (see below)
  • Periodic webinars to capitalize on the relationships formed with peers and offer continuing education from the convenience of home

This program is generously supported by the Legacy Heritage Fund Limited.

Yarchei Kallah

These rabbinic gatherings unite the community of rabbis by bringing groups together to study with master teachers and with each another. Regional gatherings establish relationships between proximal colleagues, and a major annual gathering brings together peers from around North America.

Assistant Rabbi Conference

This one-day conference offers a forum for assistant rabbis to learn together and discuss those challenges unique to them in the rabbinate.

Rabbinic Leadership Conference

A two-day conference that brings together rabbinic leaders to share their experiences. Working together, they help guide Yeshiva University to grow and strengthen its vision of the Orthodox community. The conference also focuses on how rabbis can work collectively to guarantee a future committed lay and klei kodesh.

Executive Rabbinic Seminars

A three-day conference for rabbis and synagogue lay leaders staffed by corporate and synagogue management consultants and faculty of YU's Sy Syms School of Business, who work with participants on synagogue leadership and management dynamics.

Rabbinic Resource Center Site

This comprehensive online resource provides access to the intellectual resources at Yeshiva University, program materials relevant to rabbis and the services of a prominent scholar who is available to research and respond to queries of rabbis in the field. The site also facilitates geographically distant rabbis' mutual sharing of materials and information. The password-protected site is accessible exclusively to rabbis.

Distance Learning: Bringing the Far Near


Webinar technology allows for ongoing online conversations, group presentations and discussions with participants. These interactive programs, perfect for rabbis and rebbetzins who face constraints on their time and resources, can be adapted to address issues of contemporary interest and concern, including topics on pastoral care, Halacha [Jewish law], business and rabbinic self-improvement.

Current Webinar Schedule and Archive  

Chomer LeDrush Conference Calls

Prior to major holidays, prominent senior rabbis share sources and ideas for sermons with their rabbinic colleagues.

Online Courses (coming soon)

Our online courses, offering continuing education from YU's graduate school faculties and others, will be accessible to rabbis around the world. Completion of a set number of seminar courses will earn a certificate of achievement.