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New Training Program for Rabbis

The Center for the Jewish Future, in partnership with The Tikvah Fund, initiated a program for North American pulpit rabbis in the spring of 2011. The program, led by Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter, began with a series of three seminars, each of which explored a broad moral theme of both contemporary urgency and deep Jewish dimensions. The conferences addressed the following topics:

  • Marriage, Family, and the Moral Lives of Individuals
  • The Meaning of America
  •   War and Morality

Participants in each seminar read a modest amount of preparatory material in advance. In addition, each participant prepared a “concept paper,” which identified and described a problem or an opportunity present in the North American Jewish community and prescribed a programmatic means of addressing it. These papers were then explored and refined in conversation.

The goal of the seminars was to enrich the capacity of a group of intellectually talented rabbis to think about the great cultural issues of our time in sophisticated ways and to effectively educate their congregants about them; to bring Jewish thought to bear on these issues; to facilitate the building of relationships between colleagues from across the continent who will strengthen one another’s rabbinates; and to generate their best entrepreneurial thinking on ways to improve Jewish life in North America.  

The CJF and the Tikvah Fund are presently engaged in planning the next phase of the initiative. Further information will be announced during the fall.

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