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Ner Le'Elef

YU partners with Ner Le'Elef in running a two-year program for semikha students who are interested in careers in kiruv. The program, which is supported by and operates under the guidelines of Ner Le'Elef, is geared towards professionalizing the students practice, exposing them to major personalities in the field, and helping them develop skills and strategies to implement in a successful outreach career. Twelve students, located at both the Wilf Campus and Israel Gruss campus, meet, via video-conference, on a weekly basis. They receive a monthly stipend, and are committed to finding a career in outreach outside of the metropolitan NY area and Israel for two years following completion of the program. The wives of Ner Le'Elef participants are also active in the program and subsequent commitments. They meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues relevant to them, particularly issues that pertain to life as a rebbetzin.