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Yeshiva University - Torah MiTzion Beit Midrash Zichron Dov


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Yeshiva University - Torah Mitzion Kollel of Chicago



Yeshiva University’s year round kollelim in Chicago and Toronto are transformational initiatives that position YU-RIETS as a “Yeshiva without walls,” primed to spread the values of Torah U’madda to the broader community.
Each in their unique way, these YU satellites look to enrich and engage the greater Jewish community with inspired Torah living and learning, celebrating the core values of the primacy of Torah, embracing the larger world through the prism of Jewish ideals and underscoring the religious significance of the State of Israel. Moreover, these initiatives create a laboratory for cultivating young rabbis as future communal leaders by offering them a multiplicity of communal opportunities.
On a weekly basis, the Chicago and Toronto kollelim are touching over 2,600 people, 30 synagogues, eight yeshiva day schools and high schools, federations, and JCCs with over 40 shiurim and a weekly Torah publication. Additionally, the kollelim have worked to address communal issues such as the recent controversy in Beit Shemesh and recent controversies in Jewish law.  The Chicago Kollel recently established a Women’s Institute, which will focus on increasing women’s Torah study and programming in the Chicago area.  Among their many activities, the Toronto Kollel delivered a series of community wide shiurim entitled “Between Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim,” focusing on fundamental topics relating to the State of Israel.
Due in part to the efforts of the Kollel, Chicago now has 26 YU rabbis serving in the community, up from four who had been there before the Kollel. In addition, a number of graduating Kollel members have chosen to remain within the community as rabbis, educators and lay leaders. The Chicago and Toronto kollelim have also had great success in placing graduates of the programs in pulpit positions throughout North America.


For more information about the Chicago and Toronto Kollelim, or for information on how to apply, please contact Rabbi Ari Sytner at ari.sytner@yu.edu.