What Is Championsgate?
Comprising a core cadre of prominent and prolific thinkers and doers of the Jewish world, the ChampionsGate community of leaders serves as a year-long think-tank and action-center for the Yeshiva University world, centering around an annual summer conference in Orlando, Florida.

Extending far beyond the conference itself, the ChampionsGate experience addresses the major opportunities and challenges facing our community. ChampionsGate Ambassadors participate in a series of conference calls and follow up conversations together with Yeshiva University administration to guide and implement exciting new initiatives that advance our values and communities.

Who Is Championsgate For?
Invited by former President Richard M. Joel, participants from a variety of fields and locations assemble to make a significant impact on the Jewish community. Many of the ideas formed and discussed during past conferences have directly influenced Jewish communities in North America and beyond. Participants are primarily lay leaders, joined by select Jewish Community Professionals, Heads of School, and Rabbis, who shape the Jewish community on both the local and national level. Participants are always invited as a couple.

For more information or any additional questions, please email championsgate@yu.edu or call 212-960-5396.